Leaked Profits App is a Complete SCAM!! Trusted Review!

Leaked Profits Scam Review!

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The Leaked Profits app by Frank Bishop is the newest fraud system on the binary options market, promoted by paid actors and unreliable website that has been created to steal your money with bogus information and lies! This offer is also called “High frequency trading software” and being promoted mostly by email marketers and other advertisers who want their cut of the deal while you’re screwed and your account is drained. Therefore, before you go any further and take a financial action, make sure to read our real warning scam review to stay on the safe side of the industry and without falling for this trap.

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The main actor, Frank Bishop, was claiming to be the owner and creator of Leaked Profits software and a multi-millionaire who made the whole of his fortune from trading online and from being an online entrepreneur. He said that the Leaked Profits app is a fully automated trading software that also known as “High frequency trading software” that will generate for its everyday user at least $6000 a week In pure profits, just like it did with their other thousands of members in the past three and a half years. Furthermore, we have also been told by Mr. Bishop that this automated tool is guaranteed to generate at least 97.2% winning ratio on a regular basis.

Let’s talk facts! Our “Frank Bishop” fella, is nothing but a paid actor who’s been hired by a group of scammers who aim to manipulate you and to steal your money as quickly as you deposit right after convincing you with phony details. Besides, the whole story has nothing to do with reality, especially not in the binary options industry. The Leaked Profits app is without a shadow of a doubt not going to generate for you $1250 a day with 97.2% accuracy. And the reason is quite simple, first, due to our extensive experience in the trading niche, earning “at least $6000 a day” is obviously unreal claim, and secondly, trading with a stunning 97.2% performance with an automated program is a complete pure lie as it is a well known thing that robots cannot predict the future, and therefore, in most cases you will be getting up to 85% win rate on average.

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Moreover, not only that the “owner” of Leaked Profits is a liar and is not connected to the trading industry, and obviously not a multi-millionaire nor online entrepreneur, the whole of this story has been edited and fixed in order to manipulate innocent investors who seek for reliable opportunities on the internet. Likewise, he also mentioned that “over the past 3 and a half years they have managed to recruit thousands of satisfied traders to trade with their automated software” however, based on a simple domain-age test, we have found out that the www.leakedprofits.co website was initially registered on 2016-09-02, means 4 months ago, which is definitely NOT three and a half years right?

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Don’t fall for the Leaked Profits scam and be sure to trade safe! This offer is without any doubt a fraudulent system that will drain your trading account in the blink of an eye! So, before you are taking any further action and following the instructions in one of these misleading emails you get to your inbox, be rest assured to stay as far away as you can and to delete it fast without leaving any personal details!

Verdict: Leaked Profits is a Scam!!

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