NeuroTrader Software by Intellix Systems Ltd is a Stupid SCAM!!

Intellix Systems Scam Review!

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The NeuroTrader Software by Intellix Systems is the newest fraud operation in the binary options industry! The program is allegedly owned by Jeff Blumenthal who claimed to be the CEO and founder of this group of expert traders and online investors. In this warning scam review, we will be exposing the entire lies and wrong details that you’ve probably heard during this video presentation. Therefore, before you go any further and take forward action, be sure to read our real warning as for why you should not join the Intellix System Group!

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Jeff Blumenthal, the voice narrator in this video demonstration, was claiming to be the CEO and founder of Intellix Systems Ltd, a group of online marketers and expert traders that operates on the financial markets since 2015 with an automated software called NeuroTrader. He also mentioned that they have never lost a single trade and always generated win after win with the NeuroTrader software which can easily help you generating no less than $10,000 a day without lifting a finger. Jeff has also been claiming that the NeuroTrader software is a new form of “intelligent” trading software, which uses Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze millions of variables within seconds and create a customized predictive model for any stock. Moreover, we have also been told that the artificially intelligent system can analyze vast amounts of data at mind-boggling speeds and improve itself through such analysis, a thing that allegedly allows you to “print money”.

Since 2015?

Due to our deep investigation, the website was initially registered on 11.17.16, means 2 months ago. So, here you go, first proof that we are dealing with a fraudulent system that has nothing to do with trading and with the entire financial industry. Firstly, Mr. Blumenthal has mentioned that the Intellix Systems Ltd is a financial group that based on expert traders and online investors that operates since 2015, a thing that has just now proved to be a pure lie. Secondly, our “owner” fella has also mentioned that not only that they operate since 2015, they have also never lost a single trade since their official release…

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$10,000 a day?

If you are an expert trader or even a beginner trader who trades binary options for a week or two, you must know that generating 10 thousand dollars a day on complete auto-pilot mode, is impossible without a shadow of a doubt! Trading with a programmed robot could be a profitable way to increase your daily income, however, earning these sums of money is without any doubt not going to happen, whatsoever. Furthermore, even if you decide to invest your hard earned money in a trustworthy software that could be in your favor, be rest assured that there is no such thing as “we have never lost a single trade” as we are dealing with a volatile market that easily changes its price levels hundreds of times per day.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

NeuroTrader Software by Intellix Systems is a complete scam operation, aims to steal your money as quickly as you deposit.

Verdict: NeuroTrader Software is a SCAM!

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