Gemini 2 Software is a SCAM!! Brandon Lewis you are BUSTED!!

Gemini 2 Software Scam Review!

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The Gemini 2 software by Brandon Lewis is a new fraudulent auto trader in the binary options industry that has been created in order to commit a fraud on your back! Make sure that before you go any further and deposit your hard earned savings into this piece of crap, to read our full warning SCAM review in order to stay safe! Unfortunately, this money making scheme is going viral through email marketing and we’re experiencing recently a lot of interest from online investors who yet don’t know the truth behind this vicious program! Therefore, in this transparent review, we are planning to expose the entire lies, misleading information and scam artists who are getting paid in order to lie in front of the camera in exchange for a few bucks!

Gemini 2 photoBrandon Lewis has been claiming during this video presentation that he is the owner and CEO of Gemini Holdings, an allegedly investment firm that ‘associated’ with the binary options market and which creates successful trading tools for years now. He said that the company (“Gemini Holdings”) has already a software called Gemini which for the last 3 years it has been consistently making between $10k and $50k per day without a single losing trade to its users. Likewise, Brandon said that today he offers for free of charge an extra 50 free licenses for new random beta testers to join his 2016’s beta testing group before releasing the final version of the Gemini 2 software to the public in 2018.

During this presentation, we have also been told that with the Gemini 2 app we will be able to trade with an innovative automated trading tool that could predict 100% winning trades on a regular basis without even one losing trade (“No-Loss trading software”). Not only that though, Brandon Lewis has also said that binary options traders who trade with the auto trader on complete auto pilot mode will be able to generate at least $12k a day, without even lifting a finger. Another part that we almost forgot is pretty much the funniest though, when Brandon has been claiming that trading in the financial market is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is absolutely not true and not even close to reality. In reality, the stock markets are up and running 5 days a week, means Monday – Friday, so what is he going to do on weekends??

Gemini 2 photoIn order to blacklist the Gemini 2 software we don’t need to make so many efforts! In fact, we reckon that if you have a head above your shoulders and a brain inside the box, it’s more than enough to realize that you are dealing with a group of scammers who just want to steal your money as soon as you deposit. However, for those who did not realize yet that they are dealing with a fraudulent program, we are about to expose each and every lie and unreal detail that we have been told during this bogus presentation which obviously created and has been produced with an aim to lead you to a registration page, where you literally say nicely goodbye to your $250, and say a nice hello to a huge headache!

So, first things first, as a binary options trader, beginner and expert, you better know that earning tens of thousands of dollars per day is an unattainable goal which definitely not going to happen soon! However, this tiny detail did not bother Brandon to state that even if you are a complete newbie trader you will be making at least $12k per day as a Gemini 2 software’s beta tester, and that a previous experience in the financial market is not required. Needless to mention that we have been fed with nonsense and phony claims which have nothing to do with the binary options market. As a solid and proven proof, you can easily read our CodeFibo App review which we have completely described there how traders in all kind of levels are implementing their trades, and up to how much daily revenues they can reach. Rest assured that even with such profitable and powerful auto trader they won’t be able to generate thousands of dollars per day.

Other than that, and most importantly, there is NO such thing as “No loss software” or 100% accuracy! In the binary options market, as well as in the global financial industry (Forex, etc), traders are losing trades on a regular basis and it’s a well-known part of the game. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, trading manually or with an automated program is available only when the markets are open, means Monday – Friday, or in other words 5 days a week. However, again, this “tiny” detail has literally not bothered Brandon to claim that with the Gemini 2 software you will be trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… If so, what does he plan to do with the auto trader while the markets are closed???

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And lastly, we have also been told by Brandon, the alleged “owner” of the Gemini Holdings, that for the last 3 years, the Gemini 2 software has been consistently making between $10k and $50k per day without a single losing trade to its users. So, we’re assuming that you won’t be so surprised to find out that by, the most popular domain-age-checker tool, the website was initially registered on 2016-05-24, means 4 months ago!! Other than that, and not only that this website is a brand new site, if you simply Google the keywords “Gemini 2 scam” or “Gemini 2 software scam” the only thing that you will be encountered with on pages 1-3 on the search results will be scam reviews and not supportive reviews!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Gemini 2 software by the nonexistent Brandon Lewis is the mother of all scams! Don’t be fooled by fake promises about unreliable and unattainable promises about making tens of thousands of dollars per day! WHY? Because it won’t happen! Not today, not tomorrow and not never! Moreover, as we said earlier, trading binary options involved with losing trades as well as with winning trades, however, there is no such thing as trading with an outstanding 100% performance! Therefore, as a rule of thumb, make sure to read honest reviews before you take any further action and deposit your hard earned money into a shady website without credentials or a real owner! Likewise, in order to complete this warning scam review, we have no other choice but to mark this Gemini 2 program as a dangerous and mean system which has nothing to do with our beautiful industry!

Another proof you can clearly see on which completely exposed this offer by concluding “The Gemini2 app is a complete scam that tries to cheat you into investing your money with dubious brokers. The only things you’ll get back is.. well you will not get any value in return”

Gorilla’s verdict: The Gemini 2 Software is a SCAM!!

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The best alternative to the Gemini 2 software these days is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, a stunning auto trading software that has been created and programmed by the principles of the Fibonacci numbers indicator and with an aim to predict winning trades with up to 87% win rate! However, if you are an enthusiastic investor who seeks for more legitimate and accurate information about other trusted and tested services in the industry, we encourage you to visit our top rated signals services page, and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the map!

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31 thoughts on “Gemini 2 Software is a SCAM!! Brandon Lewis you are BUSTED!!

  1. hi my name is saima i desposted 250 pounds on this system and now they are not helping me i lost the money and the stayed you make money is there or can mr brandon can he do anything thankyou

  2. The video gave him away. Dude had like $63 in his account, but they say you need $250 minimum to trade. And how the hell Jerry get that house in 30 days? And they just happened to get matching exotic cars? GTFOH!!

  3. Wow!!!!! I almost fell for this crap. In actual fact i wanted to do a deposit tomorrow. something just told me, let me read more about this but before I made search. I decided to watch presentation video. What I discovered is that each day the date changes on the New York Times just suit that particular day when you watch the video. Just few days ago when I watch the video it said 28th and I discovered today it says 30th which raised eyebrows.

  4. the video is a scam you get the software but its not what you think it is at all im still trying to get my 250$ i didnt make anything every time id email them they never respond they just send you more spam email if you know how to buy in trade already it might be for you but they did not tell the truth so im done with this

    • I am so upset with what Gemini2 did to me! I signed up and the computer system threw my information into 2 different trader companies I had to choose from to go forward. I chose K2investing What a nightmare! What a horrible experience I’ve had now for 1 week trying to close the account! Horrible customer service I couldn’t understand, account people with very harsh attitudes encouraging me to put more money from the initial $500. which was a huge mistake on my part. Don’t be gullible. They really want people to invest $5,000. to $10,000. and be serious about allowing them to trade for you. Hard to get them to refund money! So deceptive.

  5. Wow thank you so much to Gorilla. I got ecxited last night as I listened to the actor and went ahead and filled the form then I took my anointed Morning water and sprayed my iPad and guess what clicked to send money and it jammed and later sated funds in excess . I then went to do a research on google and this is when I read it’s a scam. What I asked myself earlier on was, how come the guy who BRENDON Lewis met in town and acted to have helped had $63. 00 only in his account and after they sat down for a beer he showed him the system and he immediately began to make money. So how then did he start trading with $63.00 instead of £250 equivalent to dollars in USA. I thank God the system jammed after I used my anointing water or else I would be wailing now, as £250.00 is a lot of money to lose.Thanks everyone for sharing and for your opinions. Someone seems to be calling me from Manchester I think it’s one of their people.

  6. It even stopped the use of my secondary e-Mailer Eudora, which normally transfers the e-mails from my ISP e-mail without any trouble.
    So be wary of this program.
    AVG does not pick it up as a virus.

  7. his real name is Jeremy McLaughlin. he is an actor. i was able to find this info on another review page and pulled his page right up.

  8. Hello to all. Before I give my card number I wrote to them to ask for a possibility of a $100 transfer. They called me to ask me to activate my account and they said that it’s possible to do a transfer with a minimum of $5000 !. Also that it’s safe to give my card’s number like at e-bay, as the system only keeps the last 4 digits (!)
    They called me from UK but when I asked where they are based, the guy (with non British accent) said that the head-quarters are in Bulgaria !
    Well, my suspicions got much bigger and now I read you.
    Good buy Gemini 2, I will put filters to my e-mail box and never receive your mails again….

  9. I’ve been contemplating to make a deposit since Wednesday. So glad that I held off. The first search I did on the outfit was all glowing & almost fell for it.

    There was a couple of things that set alarm bells off. Firstly the video. Fully staged & working off a scribe. I mean who actually yells “great ride” across the road. Secondly, as Venus Tarrosa on November 8, 2016 at 20:19 said:

    I was about to deposit money, but I reflected on the video ive seen which tells about depositing $63 and brandon lewis accepted it and on the video it doesnt say anything minimum of $250.

    So so glad that I came across this report. Now I can tell that scamming lot to go & take a jump.

  10. I was about to deposit money, but I reflected on the video ive seen which tells about depositing $63 and brandon lewis accepted it and on the video it doesnt say anything minimum of $250. deposit. No such thing as perfect crime. And my doubt brought me to look for any blog. Thank you Lord you for saving me from this people. ill spread this to all my friends and commmunities.

  11. I wanted to invest my money but the funny thing is how do you withdraw your cash. it is not possible at all to make a withdrawal, so your money is actually stolen.

  12. I was on the verge of activating the account , I’m also being called by a +44 number . He is quite pushy but after reading these reviews they can take a hike I’m not interested . Thanks for the heads up!

  13. The clue to the scam is when they start asking for personal details [identity fraud] before going onto banking details. Also I did not accept their offer and so far 12 calls from an 020 number which are all now blocked. the girl who actually sounded Australian repeatedly claims that the company was based in some off shore islands..

  14. I am glad to see that people do their due diligence before jumping in. “If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true”. Simple! Appointment Letter From HR Team

  15. Gemini2 AND Brandon Lewis iare a scam. I was contacted by Ben Sawicki from Is-Scam to invest in Gemini2. So you can not trust Is-scam at all.
    I invested $250,00 and the auto trades system lost 9 out of 10 trades. He is not returning any communication.

  16. i got scammed by this bull.

    $250 to $11 in 24 hours…..its requiring a deposit of more funds to continue, be warned

  17. Is that it, they make these claims just to get $250 out of you? Well, I suppose it is massive if it goes viral, one can see that with something as large as the web generating millions is very possible, ought to be stopped, these skunks are hurting already challenged people, but off course that would never cross the mind of a criminal money junkie, would it now! Scott

    • Thank you so much for the warning and for saving us our money. I get endless amounts of e-mails from these jerks every day, I am fed up with them, wish they would stop. Maybe they don’t understand the word “unsubscribe”.

      • I am so glad I read this. Since I signed up they won’t stop sending me emails, and I just started ignoring them after I blocked them. But today I got a text from a 424 number that I’ve never seen that says a a bunch of crap about how the person earned money, and he left a link. Guys. This is all bullcrap. They’ve been emailing me spam, and they’ve even been utilizing popular sites such as Paypal and Amazon to try to get my attention. Heck, I got this one spam that says “FedEx, Parcal Returne” The person who sent is is the same as ALL of the other emails he’s been sending me and I JUST WANT IT TO STOP! Can someone help me figure out how to get unsubscribed? I am glad I never put my credit card info n, but can he find out my SSN from my email, name, and phone number?

      • Also, he cleverly disguised an email (that was under spam due to his sending address, thank god for gmail being able to recognize these things) that said “You have a private message from Instagram. What I found hilarious was that this guy is so stupid, because I don’t even have an Instagram, or a twitter. Granted, most people do, but it was just funny to think that he just exposed himself as a scammer with that email. I hate this guy. I want the emails and the texts to stop. Does anybody know how to get them to stop?

  18. Thank you so much for the “Gemini2” warning. Yesterday I got 24 e-mails from them to sign up and win. I don’t think so, not wanting to waste my money on those big scammers.

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