Fast Cash Biz Review! Is A Scam Or Legit app?

Fast Cash Biz Review! Is A Scam Or Legit app?

Yesterday at 9/27/15 was launched a new service for binary options traders called Fast Cash Biz app (HERE), this new service is not a regular one, it’s quite unique. Fast Cash Biz app by Madison Clark and David Graham is offers you a chance to make thousands of dollars each day (yes you heard right!) by a 60 second trade system, they’re claims that they have developed a unique algorithm that can recognize any trend over the market movements and determined when to get into a 60 seconds trade. If you’re here and your money is important to you I’ll advice that you will stay here and read our review on the new launched service Fast Cash Biz app by Madison Clark and David Graham.

fcb1Does Fast Cash Biz app is a scam or legit?

As you all know, our binary options subscribers and new comers, we are definitely against the 60 seconds strategy system, not as a self-trader and obviously not with any suspicious software or system that based on this unreliable method. 60 seconds is equal to gambling, pure casino. Did you come to trade binary options in order to play with your money and 500% lose it? I don’t think so, because people who want to gamble are going to Las Vegas and lose their money over there, yes ladies and gentleman, with gambling there is no winnings only loses, therefore you are hare in the binary options niche, probably want to make a legit money with minimum risk. Aren’t you?

So the answer is defiantly YES! Fast Cash Biz app is a well-planned scam with an enormous production budget, the moment you enter Fast Cash Biz app website you probably won’t understand if you entered the right website because of the strange kind of video and actors. This time you’ll meet a real faces(and other body parts 🙂 ) man and woman, Madison Clark and David Graham telling you they are doing well with a software they developed by themselves, a software that can generate for you a thousands of dollars every day, all day. To be precise, you can leave the Fast Cash Biz app works night and day and it will enter by itself to 60 seconds trades for you, automatically without any “trader touch”.

fcb3Fast Cash Biz app is offered for free by Madison Clark and David Graham because they claim they are too rich and now it’s your turn to be one of their group of beta testers and eventually become a millionaire. When you move forward with the video they will say you will need to sign-up with their broker, even did not mentioned who he is, and pay initial deposit of $250 or $500 and then you’ll get an extra bonus of $500. Look guys, you are all binary options traders, beginners or professionals, you cannot afford yourself to be naive, we’re pretty sure that if you’re subscribe our binary options blog you can find the same cover stories of a guy who “cracked the code” and now he want to "spread the word" and to be a generous and kindness.

Another issue is that you’re defiantly don’t know with which binary broker they are connected with, they just didn’t tell and when we asked them with an email they did not answered to us, so it is probably one of the unreliable brokers without an EU regulation, by far not a recommended broker as you can find at our Best Binary Brokers list, probably one of our Scam Brokers list. Be aware from this strange offer that they deal with you, if you will deposit $250 you won’t get any bonus but if you’ll deposit $500 they will double it for you, isn’t it sound creepy? If you’ll manually check by email with each broker from our Top 10 Brokers list by a simple email appealing about their bonuses you’ll find out that you will get a bonus for any amount of your initial deposit, so, here is another proof to tell that Fast Cash Biz app is a scam and unsafe place for your money.

fcb2Our Conclusions:

Binary options traders are intelligent people, some of you combine binary trading with your daily work, and some of you work from home by trading online. Fast Cash Biz app is a scam service and is not deserve to use by any trader, only by gamblers! Here in the binary options industry we have much better services to offer, signals services or autotrader like the famous autotrader Mike’s AutoTrader and the new brilliant signals service XE Trader and much more great services as you can find at our Best Signals Services Page.

Thank you for reading our scam review, Fast Cash Biz app is a scam and you should not engage with it unless you want to lose your money. If you already got scammed by Fast Cash Biz app please share it with us and help us warn other traders. Binary options traders, beginners and seniors as one must trade with an EU regulated broker like AnyOption for their own safety, be aware to that and make the right decision!!

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  1. I can tell that that i received 2 minutes ago an invitation email by Fast Cash Biz…
    Thanks for warning us!
    The girl is cute lol

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