EUxit Software is a Manipulated SCAM!! Honest Review!

EUxit Scam Review!

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David McNeal is NOT the owner of the EUxit Software!! Yes, you’ve heard correctly, actually, our fella is nothing but a scam artist from the marketplace which has nothing to do with the financial markets or with the binary options industry, whatsoever! Regrettably, the EUxit Software is becoming viral among online investors for the last 24 hours due to a severely hard attack of email marketers and internet advertisers on people’s accounts! So, make sure to read our fully transparent SCAM review before you take any further financial decision and losing your entire deposit and falling for this online fraud! Furthermore, you have nothing to worry about if you read those lines, in this review, we will be providing you with much better online opportunities to trade with, based on proven facts and traders’ results.

EUxit photoThe pointers that we have taken from the website are that Mr. David McNeal (the main actor) was claiming to be the owner/creator of the EUxit Software, a fully automated trading robot that works on complete auto-pilot mode in the financial market and that was programmed by elite mathematicians, programmers and expert traders that he gathered in order to take control over the UK brexit from the European Union and its sharp & negative effects on the global financial markets. He moreover said that he was an investor since he graduated from university, and that his expertise is by researching the markets with financial analysis theories.

First things first…

David McNeal has nothing to do with the binary options industry or with the financial markets in generally. Actually, this guy is named hanoi66, a level 2 seller on the Fiverr marketplace, which provides a spokesperson services in exchange for $5 per 50 words. Likewise, if you visit our blacklist page and will go over some of our latest warning scam reviews, you will be able to see him promoting other frauds, as owner, trader and even programmer. Therefore, make sure NOT to fall for this kind of mean schemes that were literally created with a low budget and with one big aim to drain your investment account as soon as you deposit your hard earned money.

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Other than that, the EUxit Software is a very lame and poor binary options tool! And if to be exact, it is a complete imitation of its old versions, the BrexitBot and Brexit Money Machines, which are all phony services that have been promoted and scripted based on the Brexit story, and needless to mention that they are all existed in our blacklist and marked as dangerous scams.

Wait, that’s not the end of the story…

The EUxit Software is a manipulated scam! Why? Not only that their alleged owner is proven and without any doubt a scam artist, but if you visit their website you will be encountered with many unreliable and fake details like the one that the EUxit Software allegedly makes $198,081.26… So, what is that number? Earning per month? Earning per year? Be rest assured that this number is just another misleading detail (one of many) that was added to the website and aimed to manipulate innocent traders with bogus information about a nonexistent piece of software.

EUxit photoNonetheless, by, the most popular domain-age-checker tool, the EUxit Software domain was initially registered on 2016-06-27, means two months ago. However, when you scroll down on the website, right under the pitch video frame, you will encounter with an enormous amount of numbers that supposed to show their members’ revenues since the beginning. If so, is it possible that a brand new service with a brand new website will have so many members to generate more than 7 million dollars in 2 months??? We don’t think so, and due to our extensive experience in the binary options market as traders as well as bloggers, we have no other choice but to call it a pure lie!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

We find it astonishing that people are still investing their hard earned savings onto these scams without checking and verifying their credentials and reliability in the market. We have tried to do our best in this warning review by pointing out our reasons for blacklisting the EUxit Software! Therefore, be sure to realize that in order to save your money you have two main options, one is to stay as far away as you can from this terrible system. And secondly, is to take our most valuable advice and trade with a trustworthy service, based on registered and licensed company and proven results of satisfied traders from all over the world. Therefore, we have no other option but to label this poor and lake-of-credibility system as a pure SCAM!

Gorilla’s verdict: EUxit Software is a SCAM!!

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If you are an eager trader who doesn’t want to waste your expensive time on a piece of crap service that will end up losing your money, stay our advice and visit our top rated robots list and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the map! Furthermore, our most recommended auto trader these days is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, an outstanding auto trading software based on the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio (Divine proportion). This robot could predict winning trades based on unique technology and indicators of up to 83% winning ratio on a regular basis.

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