Easy Daily Profits is a Complete SCAM!! Real Warning Review!

Easy Daily Profits Scam Review!

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Don’t fall for the Easy Daily Profits TRAP! Unfortunately, we must start our weekend with a quick scam review warns traders from joining this Easy Daily Profits by Dean Westhorpe who claims that you will be making at least $982 per day on complete auto pilot mode, for the rest of your life! The software has brought to our attention by Nathan, one of our many loyal subscribers who has already received a shady message right to his inbox this morning, claiming to become a filthy rich within a few months from now and with a promise to be making none less than $30k per month. So, before you take any further action and put your hard earned saving at risk, make sure to read our fully transparent and honest warning review, and trade safe!

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Dean Westhorpe has been claiming to be the founder and creator of the Easy Daily Profits, and a self-made millionaire who made his entire fortune by using his auto trading robot. He mentioned that a few months ago he figured out an innovative algorithm to extremely profiting from one of the most powerful trading tools on the marketplace, using an advanced setup of powerful servers and technologies, the auto trader is able to predict by fraction of a second the way in which specific assets are going to move and by that to determine whether to shoot a CALL or PUT transaction on your behalf. Meaning, all you have to do is to make sure to activate your trading account by funding it, then to activate the app by clicking on auto trade, simply as is.

He also mentioned that the Easy Daily Profits is based on a very specific and calculated algorithm that allows the software to place a series of trades throughout the trading day on complete auto pilot mode with an outstanding 96% accuracy. And due to a failsafe patent that he installed in the app itself, losing trades are ended up as break even while the auto trader is shooting a trade in the complete opposite direction, means that you are not going to lose money but maximum end up a tie. Thus, Dean was claiming that the Easy Daily Profits has the right abilities to generate none less than $982 per day and at least $30k a month with a 100% guarantee.

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Let’s get straight to the facts! Trading binary options is a very lucrative way to make money online from the comfort of your home, or whenever you are using your smartphone or tablet. However, generating $982 per day or tens of thousands of dollars per month is without any doubts an unattainable goal and a false claim which is definitely NOT going to happen in the near future. Moreover, becoming a filthy rich or a millionaire overnight is not down to earth, and we have no doubt that binary options traders who already trade for a week or two now will agree with us that the Easy Daily Profits software is more likely a fraudulent system rather than a reliable and proven trading service.

Furthermore, claims like “you can’t lose” or “no loss software” are obviously false promises and have nothing to do in reality! Moreover, trading binary options, as well as Forex, or you name it, could be a very risky thing! And the reason is that we are dealing with financial assets like stocks, commodities, currencies, etc. Additionally, we have a whole bunch of economic events, press releases, and even political and presidential elections as happens at this very moment in the United States that might affect the price levels at some points throughout the day. Likewise, saying repeatedly that an automated robot like the Easy Daily Profits  app will never lose a trade, or that you will end up break even instead of losing a trade is a pure lie and definitely does not make any common sense.

Other than that, Mr. Westhorpe has been claiming to generate trades with at least 96% win rate right? So, what exactly this “win rate” number means? If you are a complete newbie trader, we will keep it short and right to the point. The term “Winning ratio” by definition, means the ratio between your winning trades and your losses. Therefore, if you trade with 96% accuracy, you will be winning 96 trades out of 100 trades in total, and will be losing 4 trades, makes sense? So, how come that Dean claims that you trade with 96% accuracy and will never lose a single trade? It’s just not making any sense at all!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Easy Daily Profits software is not a genuine automated service in the BO industry! Unfortunately, this software is definitely not a trusted financial tool that will provide you with an accurate and profitable winning trades, but will drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit your money! We therefore, highly recommend that you stay on the safe side and will open a trading account with a registered and legitimate company that will provide you with a trustworthy and proven system to trade with instead of ending up broke. Having said that, we have no other option but to conclude that the Easy Daily Profits is nothing but a scam, created and developed by vicious scammers who plan to commit a fraud on your back!

Gorilla’s verdict: Easy Daily Profits is a SCAM!!

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