Dubai Lifestyle App is a Fraud!! Serious Warning SCAM Review!!

Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review

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The Dubai Lifestyle App by Scott Hathaway, is the name of the newest SCAM in the binary options industry! It seems to be a really lame website with a really demoralized video about a man who allegedly had a dream to change our life for the better with an auto trader that he developed. Unfortunately, as stupid this website as viral it is going, and by the way it looks like, a lot of people are looking for reliable information about this software. Therefore, before you are falling into this money making trap and becoming one of the statistics, make sure to read our full scam review, which we are about to expose the whole of the lies and misleading information, including the nonexistent identity of our fella, Mr. Scott Hathaway!

Dubai Lifestyle App photoThe story behind the Dubai Lifestyle App is about Scott Hathaway, the voice narrator in the presentation. During this video, he was claiming to be the owner and head developer of the auto trader. Scott said that he moved to Dubai from Iowa 2 years ago with $500 in his pocket and a dream to make thousands of hard workers around the world into millionaires with an automated app that he will create. He then met the Mahmood brothers who allegedly supported his project and donated to him none less than $430,000 to start developing the auto trader. He then has started recruiting software engineers, programmers and within 6 months they have managed to create the final version of the auto trader with 99.8% winning ratio and the right capabilities for generating $7000 per day per user. They then went public restricting their customers to only from Dubai for only 90 days as part of the agreement with the Mahmood brothers and during this period of time, 319 Dubai residents have increased their bank account to over $2 million dollars each.

Dubai Lifestyle App photo Before you are planning on making a deposit into the Dubai Lifestyle App, make sure to read some facts! So before the entire explanation as for why you have been lied during this promotional video, make sure to look at the above picture and to realize that the so-called owner and CEO, Mr. Scott Hathaway, is nothing but a stolen Stock photo which has been used as part of this scheme! Other than that, the voice narrator said that 2 years ago he moved to Dubai with $500 in his pocket and with a vision to create a successful auto trading software in the financial market for everyday regular people. Now, come on, is this supposed to be a real story that we should believe in? A young boy traveling in the world with an idea and $500 in his pocket right? And only because of that we will take a step further and will deposit our savings right? Hell no!!

Moreover, the voice narrator was claiming that he and his recruited team of programmers and engineers have managed to create the Dubai Lifestyle App to work on complete automated mode with none less than 99.8% accurate ratio. And as a result, traders who will join to their program will be able to generate at least $7000 on a daily basis. Those promises are definitely not related to the binary options market and obviously unattainable goals. Furthermore, if you take the most recommended auto trader in the industry, which based on the Fibonacci numbers tool, an outstanding fundamental trading strategy that has already proven by many traders from all over the world, you won’t be able to generate more than +/- $900 a day. Likewise, trading with an automated software could not be a “risk-free” or in other words “no loss software”! Legitimate auto traders are losing trades sometimes and we have nothing to do about that, but most importantly is that you, as a client, will be getting a reputable winning ratio of at least 85% performance in order to gain profits into your trading account on a regular basis!

Dubai Lifestyle App photoAnd for last, during this presentation we have encountered with many Fiverr actors represents the “traders” who are using the Dubai Lifestyle App and allegedly succeeding to profit from it. However, we are too smart for falling for this trap, and you too if you are reading those lines. It’s a pretty well- known and a complete vicious way to use Fiverr actors who promote everything in exchange for $5 per 50 words to advertise an auto trader which supposes to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Earning $7000 per day with almost 100% winning ratio is not going to happen soon in the financial market, and definitely not with an automated software! The Dubai Lifestyle App by the nonexistent Scott Hathaway is a complete FRAUD that has been created to manipulate beginner traders with false details in order to gain some fat commissions on your back. This software is missing the point, has nothing legit, full of Fiverr actors and unattainable goals of generating thousands of dollars per day. We therefore have nothing positive to say about this lame production and have no other choice but to add it to our blacklist page with a one sharp aim to warn other folks from signing up with this scam!

Another proof you can find on the which also concluded that this program has nothing to do in the financial market, with false claims and misleading information.

Gorilla’s verdict: Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM!

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So after we understood that we must stay as far away as we can from the Dubai Lifestyle App, we will gladly inform you that our most recommended auto trader these days is without a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis! A stunning fully automated robot based on the Fibonacci numbers, which has been proven by expert traders as the new leading program for 2016 and even endorsed by 100% of top authority websites on the search results! However, if you are still willing to read more reviews and to meet more reliable and trusted programs, you are more than welcome to visit our top recommended signals services page, and be sure to trade safe!

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