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Dream Catcher Scam Review!

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Before you are heading any further and deposit your hard earned savings into the Dream Catcher software by Matthew Warner, make sure to read our fully transparent scam review in order to stay on the safe side of the industry and NOT to get scammed! It has brought to our attention by one of our blog subscribers that this new offer is going viral for the last couple of hours, so before you are falling for this honey trap, be sure to read real facts, based on solid proof and reality, and most importantly, based on our extensive experience in the binary options industry for a very, very long time!

Dream Catcher photoThe Dream Catcher software has been presented on the www.dream-catcher.co website by a guy named Matthew Warner who claimed to be the owner and creator of this automated trading tool. He was claiming that he is a 49 years old and a successful Wall-Street trader with a net worth of over $27M. Moreover, he said that he is looking for 15 random people from all around the world and from all walks of life to become overnight millionaires. Likewise, during this video presentation, Matthew Warner said that each member who accepts his offer to use his trading tool, will be making at least $4250 per day, every day for life.

Not only that, when you visit the Dream Catcher software website through the mentioned URL, you will be able to see that the creators of the website are claiming that last month each one of their registered members has made over $150k in pure profits, and that their total amount of clients is over than 7000 active users. Now, before we are going any further into a conclusion and exposing those lies, if you look at the picture below this paragraph, you will be able to see a screenshot from the Dream Catcher website which literally reveals trade history of winning trades. However, if you look at the date column, you can clearly see that they are showing winning trades that have been executed on last Saturday, at October 1st which is completely impossible as it is a well-known thing that at weekends the financial markets are closed…

Dream Catcher photoIf we are planning on talking facts, then be rest assured that becoming millionaires overnight in the binary options market, as well as in the global financial market is definitely an absurd and not going to happen in the near future, whatsoever! Not only that nobody is going to become a millionaire all of a sudden, but also making $4250 in pure profits on a daily basis is a complete lie and a misleading information which is obviously unattainable goal to reach in the financial market. Just for a quick example in order to demonstrate to you a real and proven system, you can briefly have a look at our latest performance and results review to understand that even if you trade with a top rated auto trader, based on real and proven algorithm, you won’t be able to generate more than $900 per day, period.

Dream Catcher photoAdditionally, as mentioned, there is no other way to say that trading binary options/Forex/CFD or any other trading channel is not available on weekends, due to the fact that markets are closed during the weekends and that there is no option or way to execute trades while the markets are offline without any kind of selling or buying stocks. Other than that, if you visit the Dream Catcher software website you can clearly see that they are claiming to have already over than 7000 satisfied users who generate none less than $4250 per day. However, by Who.is, which is a very well-known domain-age-checker tool on the internet, the www.dream-catcher.co website was initially registered on 2016-09-28, means last week!! So, how exactly they managed to recruit 7000 “real and active” satisfied traders so fast???

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

We have tried to track Matthew Warner’s identity through many social media networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even on the search engine, however, the only things that we were able to find out were scam reviews exposing this money making scheme! So, if you read those lines, we hopefully saved your hard earned money by providing you the entire truth behind the Dream Catcher scam. Furthermore, be rest assured that this offer is nothing but a rigged system, created by scammers who interested to commit a fraud on innocent peoples’ back with such awful and unattainable promises of making tons of money per day! We therefore have no other choice but to blacklist the Dream Catcher software as soon as we can!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Dream Catcher is a SCAM!!!

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