Is Crunch Tech App a SCAM? Full Results Review!!

Crunch Tech Scam Review!

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For the last few days we had the honor to participate in a small group of worldwide traders who tested and traded with the Crunch Tech software by the creators Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery. The program is an innovative web-based auto trading application based on the Captain Crunch theory, a commodity trading method as well as a weather prediction tool. In this scam review, we will walk you through our full results, ITM performance, tips and updates of how to use the auto trader correctly and most important, will finally conclude whether the Crunch Tech app is just another scam system or a legit auto trading software that worth your hard earned money. Therefore, if you are a binary options trader or a total newbie investor who wants to improve your daily and monthly income from the comfort of your home, make sure to read our full and honest review till the very end in order to take the right financial decision and to stay on the safe side of the map.

Crunch Tech photoRick Paulson and Daniel Avery are both the head managers and CEOs who created and developed the Crunch Tech auto trader. Rick Paulson is a weather enthusiast and before he started the Crunch Technology app he developed some powerful and most accurate GPS tools for a leading company that could provide 10 times the amount of data available rather than other weather sensors in the market. On the other hand and definitely 180 degrees from Rick, Daniel Avery is a Stanford computer programing wizard, in his past he used to synchronize satellites, powerful processors, computers and complicated algorithms in the financial market in order to develop more and more trading tools based on his sophisticated creativity and knowledge. These talented folks have collaborated together and decided to create a trading tool that will be based on a weather prediction tool by Rick Paulson’s previous knowledge and a most Innovative auto trading software based on Daniel Avery’s prior knowledge.

The Crunch Tech software is offered for free of charge and without any obligations or strings attached for only 90 days of free trial and for 250 random online investors only. Likewise, once this free trial period is over, each participant will be required to pay a monthly fee of $790 in order to keep using and performing with the software. Additionally, during this promotional video, we have been told with many interesting facts and important details about the Crunch Tech app and therefore, we are about to reveal the most relevant information for you now in order to help you to take the right decision, based on proved facts and not by guessing or assumptions.

Crunch Tech photoThis auto trading software is based on the well-known Captain Crunch theory, a commodity trading methodology. This trading method is able and designed to predict supply and demand on the financial market based on the changes in the worldwide weather (commodities the most but not only). Likewise, the Crunch Tech app was initially developed in a manner of executing automated trades on behalf of complete newbie traders who have zero experience in the financial market, as well as in the binary options industry. Moreover, during this video presentation, Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery have promised that even a complete beginner trader will be able to earn at least $12k a month and even more depending on your diligence, which is obviously a stunning result to have as a complete newbie investor.

As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning of this review, we had the honor to be a part of a small group of traders who used the Crunch Tech app for the last few days in order to experience with what traders and new investors in the industry were aimed to get. The results were honestly pretty impressive and quite different from the usual auto trading services in the marketplace. First things first, the Crunch Tech company has promised that beginner traders will be able to earn up to $89 per hour / $4500 a week by using their auto trader with an outstanding 85% ITM performance. Having said that, the results didn’t late to come and we are not sure whether this is our fault or not but we have succeeded to earn up to $75 each hour we used the software, however, the winning ratio was even better than that and we have gotten almost 88% accuracy. We therefore have decided to keep using the Crunch Tech software due to its literally impressive results. Nevertheless, we will keep update you folks with our testing results, tips, updates and traders’ results as well when we get them of course.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Crunch Tech app by Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery is a new auto trader in the binary options industry and by far not even close to be a scam system. The software is a combination of a sophisticated trading knowledge as well as a very impressive weather prediction tool based on the well-known Captain Crunch theory. Our experience for the last few days with this automated piece of software is very positive and even astonishing, we therefore definitely recommend that if you are either binary options trader or a complete beginner investor, consider to open a free trading account with the Crunch Technology and to grab your free spot! Don’t forget to follow up this post and to be up-to-date with our tips and results along the way, and if you yet have questions regarding the auto trader, don’t hesitate to email us at and we would love to assist you as much as we can.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Crunch Tech App is a LEGIT AutoTrader!

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Crunch Tech photoAlternatively, feel free to visit our top recommended signals services list for more reliable services available online and rest assured to read full and honest performance reviews based on real and active traders’ reports. Likewise, if you are a complete novice trader who interested in making legitimate money online and want to trade on your own, we recommend that you will open first a free demo account and start gaining knowledge and trading skills without risking or losing your hard earned cash.

Performance Review + Results!

Update 6/26/16

Hey everybody, so after a bit more than a week now since we have started using the Crunch Tech AutoTrader, we have decided to upload our first update review that will include our results, software’s updates, recommended tips of how to use the auto trader and lastly, our top recommended settings that will help you maximizing your daily profits using the Crunch Tech.

Unfortunately, this week the UK people have decided to leave the EU, a thing that extremely mirrored the financial markets and not only on the GBP pairs. As a result, we had no other choice but to refrain from using with any auto trader we are usually trading with, and even to refrain from trading manually with our broker due to a high volatility in the global markets.

With that being said, we have traded with the Crunch Tech App for more than a week now (except the Brexit’s announced days) and our results were literally stunning. We have no doubt that this auto trading software is definitely a refreshing change to the industry, even though it’s based on a weather predicting tool as well as our other favorite one, the Neo2 App.

Our Favorite Settings:

As you already know as a binary options trader, you have to feel your trading tool and to know how to work with, in order to get maximum results in minimum time and efforts. We therefore have decided to execute trades with some different angels, meaning that we have changed our settings from time to time based on our extensive experience in the auto trader’s marketplace.

Our favorite settings for beginner traders are:

  1. Investment per trade: $25 – The minimum required.
  2. Risk level: 3
  3. Strength Above: > 80%

Our favorite settings for advanced traders are:

  1. Investment per trade: $50
  2. Risk level: 4-5
  3. Strength Above: > 75%
Crunch Tech photoTips and Hints:

We are getting a lot of questions from traders as well as complete beginner investments of how to use the Crunch Tech? What our recommended hours to use it? Which broker should we use? And much more…

First things first, we are glad to hear that even traders from the Forex industry have decided to join to our amazing industry due to the simplicity and high payout returns compared to the Forex tools and brokers. Likewise, we definitely recommend that if you are a total newbie, make sure to trade only with our recommended settings, a thing that will help you grow slowly but wisely. Moreover, we reckon that $250 as an initial investment is reputable and more than enough, and you obviously don’t need to invest more than the minimum required, just take it easy and try to have fun alongside making money.

Recommended hours to trade with the Crunch Tech software are nothing that we can point on, each trader lives in a different country. However, the financial markets are open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, so all you have to do is to choose your convenient time frame to activate the auto trader and to let it work for you.

Most important thing that we have been frequently asked about was “Should I use an economic calendar?” So, our answer is that it is really up to you and which kind of trader you are. However, it is highly recommended to have a look once a day on an economic calendar like the most popular that allows you to get the most reliable information right on time.

Once you decide to sign up with the software and to grab your free license, you will be assigned with a broker that will be your connection to the financial world. Or in other words, without the broker you cannot use the auto trader and to enjoy the benefit of trading on complete automated mode. The broker will be given to you due to your GEO location, however, if you wish to change it, don’t hesitate and contact us and we would love to help you to replace your assigned broker with other one from their list.


We are satisfied with this auto trader’s results and have no shadow of a doubt that traders who decide to join the Crunch Tech exclusive program will have great results and good experience as well. Fortunately, due to our week of using the auto trader, the ITM performance was fairly constant and reached the maximum of 88% accuracy and never crossed the minimum of 85%, which is outstanding results to have, especially if you are a complete beginner. Furthermore, earning $89 per hour like they promised on their official website is attainable goal and you can easily reach that goal by replicating and using our recommended settings.

Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Crunch Tech is a great innovative auto trader with astonishing performance, staggering easy-to-use trading platform and smooth & clean interface. We encourage our readers to open a trading account with the company and to start making legitimate money from the comfort of your home. We are here for you, please let us know if you have more questions and ideas for new updates, email us at and we will be more than happy to assist you as much as we can.

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Crunch Tech Video Updates!

Update #1 – Session #1 – $376.75 Profit!

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