Copy Buffett Software VS Virtnext – Champions League Winners!

Copy Buffett Software VS Virtnext

After a lot of auto trading services that have been joined to the binary options industry in the last few months we have decided to make a champions league competition between both leaders, the Copy Buffett Software and Virtnext. Both services have outstanding abilities and supporting reviews all over the internet and of course we trade with them both on a daily base. Therefore we will reveal in this champions review our thoughts concerning many topics that you might have thinking about before you decided whether to engage with a service or not. So if you are in the middle of looking for an auto trading service that will help you upgrade your trading account we have no doubt that you’ve got to the right place at the right time!

First things first, as we mentioned this is not a scam review, the complete opposite. In this auto traders review we will unveil most important information based on our trading experience as well as other traders. Furthermore, we will be revealing a lot of guidelines and recommendations of how do we think that you should trade with these services and whether you should trade with one auto trader in order to increase your daily income or if two is better? We will answer all these questions and if you still feel unsure we would love to answer your questions at

Virtnext – Proven & Tested Results!

Virtnext signup –

Virtnext review – HERE

Virtnext Performance review – HERE

If you are one of our blog subscribers you have probably read our Virtnext Performance Review which we have uploaded last month, and if not, you are most welcome to read it and at the same time to join our family and subscribe to our blog. Virtnext is a great auto trading service (Auto Trader) that joined our industry a few months ago and since then we have been trading with it on a daily basis and of course making a lot of profit as well. Moreover, Virtnext is not just a regular auto trader, in fact if you haven’t used it before you will never understand the feeling and emotions during its trading sessions.

Virtnext is a leading auto trader that has the astonishing abilities to generate tons of money on a daily basis and if you use it correctly and don’t risk more than $100 per trade, you will then successfully manage to improve your portfolio. Additionally, when you use the auto trader the right way and consistently you will then see results immediately and your trading account will grow. However, in order to maximize your profits we recommend that you first follow a few important guidelines that will help you reach that goal as soon as you implement them into your trading strategies.

Copy Buffett Software vs Virtnext reviewVirtnext Guidelines

We have traded with Virtnext since day one and it has never disappointed us. First, we’ve never limited our trading time, it can be a day session as well as a night session, of course you can use the auto trader 5 days a week, Monday-Friday and not at weekends because that then nothing will happen or you might be losing money instead of earning money because of the gap between the strike rate when the markets are closed.

Moreover, when we talk about the Virtnext trading platform we always smile because of its brilliant design and user friendly interface. We have a lot of sympathy to it and it is definitely reason #1 that traders are managing to make profits from it and to keep trading with it instead of other services. The platform is smooth and quick and up until now there was no problem that we can point to that made us lose a trade.

The ITM performance also known as the winning rate is definitely above and beyond any other binary options auto trading service. There are many trading sessions that we manage to trade with almost 86% winning rate which is an astonishing results that directly impact on our revenue at the end of the day. However, most of our trading sessions are 80% to 82% ITM performance which is still a great performance for an auto trader that executes trades on your behalf without lifting a finger though.

How to sign up with

1. Clear your browser cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to avoid any problems with your assigned broker during the registration step.

2. Enter your real name and Email on to open your trading account based on your details.

3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal for minimum initial deposit is $250).

4. Start making money with on complete auto trading mode!

Copy Buffett Software vs Virtnext reviewCopy Buffett Software – Proven & Tested Results!

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Copy Buffett Software review – HERE

Copy Buffett Software performance review – HERE

Copy Buffett Software has joined our life last week and thanks to our extensive experience in the binary options industry we have the gut feeling that this new auto trading software will be the next top recommended auto trader for 2016 and we have the right reasons to support it since last week. When the Copy Buffett Software just landed in the binary options market we have initially reviewed it in order to provide you with the first impression and with a general information about the system. A few days later, after a few trading sessions we have uploaded a second review which described our results, which we can tell were amazing!

Copy Buffett Software vs Virtnext reviewCopy Buffett Software Guidelines

Okay, so we want to start first with its trading platform which is quite different from many other services in the market. This time Jeremy Fin and his developer’s team have done a great job on its accessibility to the newbie traders in order to understand better as well as to trade with more confidence. The Copy Buffett platform has 3 important buttons as you can see at the picture above, the Trade volume, Auto trading and Strength above.

The trade volume button is the button that gives you the power to decide whether to trade with minimum risk or to increase the amount per each trade to the maximum or somewhere in the middle. However, as always we recommend to trade on low risk mode in order to risk as little as we can and honestly it works much better than other options that might risk our balance. Therefore we will keep and advise you to trade with low risk and not more than $25 per trade.

The second one that we want to talk about is the strength above button which is the game maker of the Copy Buffett Software. The strength above button actually helps you to decide how to manage your trades, which means that if you decide to trade with strength above 70% the auto trader will execute all the available trades with chances of more than 70%, and if you chose strength above 95% the auto trader will execute the available trades with accurate rate of more than 95% and so on. This button definitely helps the binary options traders to understand better and to take control over their daily income.

Copy Buffett Software vs Virtnext reviewHow to sign up with Copy Buffett Software?

1. Clear your browser cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to avoid any problems during the registration process.

2. Enter your real name and Email on to open your trading account based on your details.

3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal for minimum initial deposit is $250).

4. Start making money with Copy Buffett Software on complete auto trading mode!

Copy Buffett Software VS Virtnext – And the winner is?

It is very hard for us to conclude a winner in this case, both services have great abilities and performance and the power to upgrade & update your trading account for the better! The results with both services are above and beyond than expected, they are both doing great work and definitely generating profits for its users on a daily basis. As mentioned above, we have no doubt that the Copy Buffett Software will lead the auto traders industry in 2016 however, Virtnext will remain a top recommended auto trader in our trusted signals services page. We recommend to every binary options trader who really wants to make a change in his trading life to trade with one of these auto traders or even with them both as we do in order to make a legitimate profits on a regular basis with a wonderful signals services.

Thank you for reading our competition review between Copy Buffett Software and Virtnext. Subscribe to our blog and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry with daily upcoming news right into your inbox! For further question and interesting ideas to review please contact us and visit our Facebook group , Google+ channel and our new Pinterest page. Cheers!

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