Copy Buffett Software Updates Results Review #3

Copy Buffett Performance Review!

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More than a month has passed since we have initially reviewed the Copy Buffett Software and introduced it to the binary options investors as well as to our blog readers. Since then, we have continued updating you with most relevant updates regarding this auto trader like Copy Buffett performance review, FAQ review, Copy Buffett vs Virtnext and our latest review since last week, the Copy Buffett updates no.2. Likewise, during this period of time, we have also decided to support the BinaDroid App, a new auto trader in the binary options market that available in all countries without any geographic restrictions. However, we yet haven’t made a competition review between both auto traders but we will make one this week when we will have more data from our readers who reporting to us their results on a daily basis.

A quick reminder about the Copy Buffett app in order to let new day traders the basic knowledge before they take any further action and making an initial deposit with this auto trader. First things first, the software is offered for free for 30 days of trail, after this period of time you have the power to choose whether to keep using the Copy Buffett or not. Having said that, in case you decide to keep trading and profiting with the service you officially become a 95% partner of the company, which is a very generous offer, especially in the binary options niche. Furthermore, the software’s platform was built and designed in order to provide the beginner trader with the most user-friendly interface and with the best opportunities to maximize the control of your trading strategies. Therefore, we definitely reckon that using and trading with the Copy Buffett Software on a regular basis is a very wise move that a complete novice trader can take.

photo of Copy Buffett Updates / Renewals

Well, not much has been changed since we have just started using the auto trader, despite that the general performance is improving every day and we literally can feel the difference between our income today compare to last month. Means that the team behind the Copy Buffett are working around the clock in order to provide us / their partners with the most accurate trading signals each day, every day. Not to mention that using its trading platform is very easy to use and newbie traders are not experiencing any problems to operate the auto trader at all. However, as we have already mentioned in our previous performance review, the Copy Buffett software has very interesting features that without a shadow of a doubt helping its users taking control over their trades and as a results, taking control over their daily income!

Feature No.1: Trade Volume:

photo of Copy Buffett The Trade Volume tool is a very popular trading tool among binary options investors who use auto trading vehicles on their regular basis. This feature actually exists in order to help you taking control over you risks, means that you can choose whether to trade with a minimum risk of $25 per trade or with a maximum risk of $500 in this case. For example, with the BinaDroid App you have the option to trade with a minimum risk of only $5 per trade and a maximum risk of up to $250, but leave it for now, we will expand our talk about the other auto trader during our competition review this week. Our preferred settings were always conservative in order to protect ourselves from losing money by mistake, and therefore, we recommend that you will not execute trades with more than $50 per trade and if you are a complete newbie trader try to trade with a minimum risk as possible in order to gain more profits and trading experience with the Copy Buffett software.

Feature No.2: Strength Above:

photo of Copy Buffett Another brilliant trading tool that was invented and probably developed too by the Copy Buffett engineers. This feature is actually directly connected with your trades, means that you now have the power to determine with which accurate rate the Copy Buffett auto trader will work. In this case, you can trade with a maximum risk of 50% ITM performance or with a minimum risk of 95% accuracy. During our trading sessions, we obviously change this scale from time to time in order to check thing out and to be more creative. However, if you are a complete newcomer, we recommend that you will set up your settings to work with an accurate rate of over 80% for being as much profitable as you can.

General experience and conclusion:

The Copy Buffett software is a very profitable auto trader that was joined to our industry before more than a month. Since then we have managed to collect many good reviews from our readers as well as from many other traders who use the software. Likewise, the service is very user friendly and easy to operate and as a result, you will be making legitimate daily revenue much easier and faster that you thought. We have no doubt that traders who listening to our advice and using the right risk management during their trading sessions with the Copy Buffett software will be generating a lot of money but wisely! Cheers!

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