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Copy Buffett Performance Review

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After an amazing week, full of trading sessions, we have decided to upload a performance review based on our Copy Buffett results. Since we posted our Copy Buffett initial review last week we have a lot of important information to reveal to you regarding many issues from our trading experience, including profits, trading platform, broker connection and much more. Our general Impression from this amazing auto trader is that it is going to be the next top recommended auto trading software for 2016.

If you already one of our subscribers you’ve probably seen our performance review with a 90 minutes of trading session with the Copy Buffett system. You might be overwhelmed from its results and easy to operate system that within 45 minutes of trading session and initial investment of $500 we have generated none less than $338. And after another 45 trading session with an initial amount of $838 we have made an outstanding amount of $383. So, as a result, at the end of this evening we have had a total of $721 in pure profits into our trading account. Here below we have added our screenshots from this trading session:

1) Start trading session with $500:

photo of Copy Buffett2) After 45 minutes:

photo of Copy Buffett3) After 90 minutes:

photo of Copy BuffettA few guidelines regarding the Copy Buffett software that we reckon that you must know before you decide whether to trade with this auto trader or not. First things first, the Copy Buffett trading platform has been changed a bit and now it looks much better and is easy to operate and to understand by the average binary options trader. We have no doubt that if you look at the pictures above and watch our YouTube video you will recognize a highly simplicity and comfortable trading platform.

Leonardo Da Vinci has said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and we do really think that this is the right way! The Copy Buffett auto trader is one of a kind and as we have said before, we have no doubt that with its ability to generate $721 profits within 90 minutes of trading session the Copy Buffett is a real threat to the most powerful auto trader in the industry at the moment.

Its trading platform is definitely easy to use without any sophisticated issues, when you activate the auto trader you will be required to decide which amount to trade with per each trade. If you already one of our blog subscribers you know that we recommend to trade with a minimum risk which in this case is $25 per trade. The reason for that is simply to restrict loses to the minimum, however, this time the developers have added a most important feature that makes our life easier than they were before.

photo of Copy BuffettThe “Strength Above” is a great trading toll that the developers of the Copy Buffett software have added in order to help the binary options traders to filter the most valuable trades available at the moment in the financial market (including stocks, commodities and indices). Which means that in this case you have the ability to decide whether to execute trades with 70% winning rate or to open trades with 95% accurate rate. Trading with the Copy Buffett app is completely flexible and easy, at the moment you’ve changed you preferences settings you can rest assure that the auto trader will know how to do its work and to generate the most powerful trades on your behalf without lifting a finger. When a binary options trader has the ability to choose the amount per trade and his favorite accurate rate per each trade is definitely the best combination that a trader can get in return to his investment.

Gorilla’s final words:

The Copy Buffett auto trader is a unique service that our general feeling is that in a few weeks/months from now it will be the official auto trader for 2016. We enjoyed to trade with this auto trading software and definitely recommend every binary options trader who read these lines to use it too. Please try to follow our instructions that we mentioned above and we all hope that you will manage to earn tons of money exactly like we manage too within our 90 minutes of trading session. Our final conclusion is that the Copy Buffett software is a great auto trading robot that will upgrade and update your trading account. If you still have question please Check out our Copy Buffett FAQ review.

How to sign up with Copy Buffett Software?

1. Enter your real name and Email on in order to open your trading account based on your details.

2. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal for minimum initial deposit is $250).

3. Log in on and enjoy the benefit of auto trading profits!

photo of Copy BuffettFor more trusted & automated services in the binary options industry you are most welcome to visit our top recommended signals page and be rest assure to trade with the best services in the industry.

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