Copy Buffett App – FAQ – Follow Up Review!

Copy Buffett FAQ’s Review

Fellow traders, this Copy Buffett App follow up review is a bit abnormal from our regular posts about scam reviews or positive reviews about the regular auto trading services in the industry. After we have already concluded in our previous Copy Buffett initial review that this auto trader is about to lead our binary options industry for 2016 and even uploaded a performance review based on our trading sessions we will be reviewing in a few moments a list of the most important information that we reckon that might help you with the auto trading software based on traders’ frequently asked questions and topics that we have encountered with along the way. So if you have been wondering up until now whether to join the Copy Buffett auto trading app or not, here is your chance to find out the most relevant information in one place.

Before we start the FAQ review we want to share with you first a very motivated screenshot of email we have got today from one of our subscribers who managed to make $135 within 3 trades!!!

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Copy Buffett official website:

Q: How to sign up with Copy Buffett?

A: The sign up process is a most important stage during your registration with a trading service that will determine with which broker you will be assigned with. And therefore, in order to get the best broker during the registration process (depending on your GEO location) you need to clean your browser cookies simply by clicking on CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE both three together and to confirm. Next step is to click on the sign up link here: and to fill in the registration form with your real name and email in order to open up your trading account with the Copy Buffett App.

Q: What is the best time to trade with the Copy Buffett?

A: This question has been frequently asked and this is why we have decided to mention it here and frankly it’s a most important question especially if you are a beginner trader. So this time our answer will be divided into two parts, our strategy and the developers’ recommendation. As you already know from a prior reviews, we have never stopped ourselves to trade whenever we want or whenever we had the time to and therefore our trading strategy with the Copy Buffett App is exactly the same like all the other auto traders with use. On the other hand, the Copy Buffett App developers have decided to add an important notice built in on its trading platform which says “Recommended trading hours are 9 AM to 7 PM UTC”. So picking your favorite trading method with the auto trader is up to your decision.

Q: What “Strength Above” is and how to use it?

A: Strength Above is basically the most important tool in the Copy Buffett platform and it has the impact on your desire accurate rate during your trading session. The bottom line is that you have the privilege to choose whether to trade with Strength Above 70% accurate rate OR with Strength Above 95% accurate rate. As for start we recommend that you will start first with none less than 80% ITM rate in order to be sure to execute the best trades that the Copy Buffett App can generate on your behalf.

Q: How long takes every trade?

A: The usual trades that the Copy Buffett App trades with are up to 10 minutes, however, there is a possibility that the auto trader will be executing trades of 60 seconds or even 5 min. In this case it is really up to the auto trader and the market’s volatility and more variable conditions.

Q: I am from the USA, can I trade with Copy Buffett?

A: Of course, the Copy Buffett developers have managed to open their gates to the binary options traders with a US residence that most of the time being rejected because of a regulatory reasons. This time it won’t be a problem for you and you are able to join and to trade like all the others!

Q: Only for 30 days?

A: No! It depends on your decision of course. The Copy Buffett Software is offered for free for the first 30 days of trail and after these 30 days, if you decide to continue and profiting, you will become a 95% partner and will be required to pay as little as 5% from your total profits per month.

Q: The bottom line, how much trades the Copy Buffet will execute per day?

A: The software has the ability to generate 400 to 500 trades a day on complete auto pilot mode on your behalf. This is a very good performance compered to many other services in the market that barely reach the 100 trades a day.

Q: Is Copy Buffet has support team?

A: Of course! Here is their email address:

Gorilla’s Final words

We have no doubt that this time in this frequently asked questions review we covered the most important topics that have been frequently asked during the last week by many traders since the Copy Buffett has been officially released. We all hope that this Copy Buffett FAQ Review will help you to take the right decision and to start trading with this amazing auto trader as well as to make legitimate money on a regular basis. If you yet haven’t read our initial review or our performance review based on our trading sessions you are most welcome to read. For more trusted signals services in the industry you are most welcome to visit our top recommended services page and to be sure to trade with a reliable service in return to your investment.

picture of Copy Buffett AppWe are here for you for any further question you might have concerning the Copy Buffett App. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at with whole of your questions. We will keep updating this FAQ review and will add more interesting topics that might be interesting along the way. Cheers!

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