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CodeFibo Fully Detailed Review!

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The CodeFibo App ( by Professor Matthew Lewis is an innovative auto trading software in the binary options marketplace which based on the well-known math principles, the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio (Divine proportion). This auto trader is not just a regular piece of software, as we will be revealing in a few moments its exact ITM performance, winning ratio and results based on real sessions. Therefore, if you are a beginner trader, expert and even an online investor who seeks for a legitimate financial automated tool to trade with on your daily basis, you are more than welcome to keep reading our fully transparent CodeFibo scam review and to find out whether the CodeFibo App is a SCAM or NOT.

CodeFibo photoWhat is CodeFibo App? And who is Professor Matthew Lewis?

The full story behind the CodeFibo App and its creator, Professor Matthew Lewis is not so long, and even pretty impressive and unique in reference to many other services in the binary options industry which have nothing to offer to the average investor in exchange for his / her investment.

Professor Matthew Lewis has dedicated himself to helping lower-class-income students to reach their financial goals. Likewise, for the past 5 years he has been researching the financial markets (mostly the currencies / pairs markets) in order to figure out a system which doesn’t only have high percentage win ratio, but also works in all market conditions to provide its users with an accurate trades and enormous success, or in other words, to create a life-changing software that will help online investors and binary options traders to upgrade their monthly income.

He tried countless methods in the past five years, up until he found the most accurate algorithm to predict the markets’ movement and prices based on the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. He then decided to take his project a few steps further and to make it alive. Therefore, he contacted Carl Leary, the head programmer of the CodeFibo App in order to develop an automated robot that will execute trades on complete auto-pilot mode, based on calculating traders’ settings and preferences.

Fibonacci numbers:

CodeFibo photoImage source: WikiPedia

A little bit background… What are Fibonacci Numbers?

There is a plenty of in-depth information over the internet that reveals the exact history of the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio and the rational influence of them all over the financial markets, including variety of strategies combined with several of indicators, and even planning & developing new indicators themselves based on these phenomenal numbers.

However, we are not reviewing the CodeFibo App in order to bore you to death with historical information about Fibonacci Arbitrage or Divine proportion.

The complete opposite!

Binary options trader who is looking for a legitimate auto trading tool to help him / her reaching a financial freedom in a short period of time, can be rest assured that once he / she chooses an auto trader software like CodeFibo App associated with a well-known trading tool such as Fibonacci numbers, he is on the right way to turn vision into reality in no time! As simple as is!

Why choosing CodeFibo? And what I get in exchange?

The most important question is that we mentioned in the title above, without a shadow of a doubt!

There is an abundance of auto traders in our trading industry, some are reliable and some are complete scams. However, the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis is certainly a unique and special automated software that has been landed in the industry after 5 years of researching and developing a cutting-edge robot that knows how to execute qualified trades on your behalf, based on a phenomenal theory of the Fibonacci numbers and Divine proportion.

CodeFibo photoAs a member of the CodeFibo App you will be getting the following details:

1. An easy-to-use trading platform! So, even if you are a complete newbie trader without a previous knowledge or trading skills, you will easily be able to take control over the program and to manage your settings accordingly.

2. The CodeFibo App is an automated system. Nonetheless, a manual trading feature is available as well! Means that if you are willing to take control over your trades / strategies, all you have to do is to pick your favorite signals from the list.

3. The CodeFibo algorithm is programmed to place up to 80 trades on average per week, which is amazing! And means that you’re aimed to get up to 16 trades per day!!

4. Outstanding proven and tested accurate rate of up to 83% performance. In some successful days, you can even measure up to 97% accuracy.

How to join?

At the beginning, Professor Matthew Lewis has decided to give away only 25 free life-time licenses for 25 random people from all around the world, and once he reaches this number of participants’ registrations, each license will cost $600 per month, which will be automatically deducted directly from your own profits at the end of every month. However, due to an update at 9/2/16, Lewis decided to expend the free licenses giveaway for a limited time only, so until our next update, take into consideration that joining the CodeFibo is remaining for free of charge!

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The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The CodeFibo is a one-of-a-kind innovative software, invented by Professor Matthew Lewis, a brilliant person who created an amazing auto trader in order to help online investors to take control over their daily income with a phenomenal binary options trading tool! The CodeFibo App is definitely NOT a scam or associated with a fishy program! The complete opposite, a trader who will take action instantly for a brighter future, will enjoy the benefits of both worlds: trading on complete automated mode if you have no time during your day, and secondly, manual trading for traders who interested in upgrading their knowledge and skills!

Gorilla’s verdict:

The CodeFibo is NOT a SCAM!

A reliable opportunity to trade with a trusted and tested robot!

CodeFibo photoThank you for reading our fully transparent and honest CodeFibo App review! If you are looking for a proven trading tool to use in your daily basis, we strongly encourage you to open a trading account with this stunning auto trading software! However, if you still want to read more reviews on other successful services, you are more than welcome to visit our top recommended signals services page, and be rest assured to stay safe! Please comment below or contact us privately if you have more questions regarding the software and we would love to assist you as much as we can! Likewise, below this review we will add our performance review section, as well as our trading sessions’ videos.

To join the CodeFibo App program Click HERE!

CodeFibo Performance Review!

Update – 9/2/16

The CodeFibo App has successfully been launched at the beginning of this week with an enormous support from many top authority websites associated in the binary options trading industry. We of course were totally supportive and encouraged our readers and subscribers to open a trading account with the software due to the fact that we are not doubting the CodeFibo App’s capabilities to upgrade & update your daily income, thanks to its phenomenal algorithm that based on the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. In this update, we will be revealing the performance that we have managed to reach with the CodeFibo during this week, as well as its results and one more important update that Professor Matthew Lewis has been released during the last few days about their unique program for beginner traders, so stay tuned!

CodeFibo photo**Special announcement!**

Okay, we will start first with a special announcement released a few days ago by the owner and founder of the CodeFibo App, Professor Matthew Lewis. So, due to an unpredictable supply and demand of binary options traders and online investors to join the CodeFibo Company, Professor Matthew Lewis has decided to temporarily unlimited the entry for newbie traders to their project, for a limited time of course. Means that if you are interested in joining the program and to start profiting with a legitimate robot, you are now more than welcome to do it for free of charge, till the next update. You can join the CodeFibo App by clicking HERE!

The CodeFibo App:

For the last few days, well, actually since the official launch of the software, we have started trading with the CodeFibo App platform for a few hours per day. The results are definitely not the ones you can expect from a regular auto trader in the industry, especially when you see all the scams out there and you don’t know what you are going to get after you make a deposit into your assigned broker.

Our trading sessions this week with the auto trader were practically up to 3 hours every day, and we traded with the CodeFibo software on complete auto-pilot mode only (this time we decided to leave the manual trading out of business). Our decision was due to strategic considerations alone, based on our willing to check its qualification and real results without human touch.

The results were very impressive, and if to talk facts and numbers, we have gotten up to 9 trades per day during each 3 hours session, which is very good! Besides, we have no doubt that if we were expending our use with the CodeFibo App, we would probably get more than 15 trades per day by the way it performed. Moreover, we have successfully measured up to 88% winning ratio, means that 88 trades out of 100 trades in total have been ended as winning trades, which is stunning results to have!

CodeFibo photoThe CodeFibo Platform:

In this case we have nothing bad to say about the software’s interface. The CodeFibo platform is literally smooth and clean, offers to its users a clear, user friendly and easy-to-use software without complex buttons or charts to read. Other than that, the system was programmed for the newbies world, means that even if you are a complete novice trader you can easily take control over your sessions and trades.

Additionally, the CodeFibo App based on three main components:

First, the amount per trade, with a minimum investment of $25 per trade.

Second, the strength above, means that you can choose your provided trades. Our recommended setting is to trade with more than 80% accuracy.

And third, is the risk level, which directly responsible for the amount of trades you get per session.

CodeFibo photoFinal words and conclusion!

The CodeFibo is an innovative and well-established auto trader in the binary options marketplace. The software is now offered for completely free for a limited time only, until we get an update from Professor Matthew Lewis or the company regarding this issue. Likewise, we are very satisfied with our results from the past week, and literally couldn’t have asked for more than this! We therefore encourage every binary trader to open a trading account with this outstanding piece of software in order to upgrade and update your monthly income!

To join the CodeFibo App program Click HERE!

Thank you for reading our latest update on the CodeFibo App, please comment below or contact us for more questions regarding the software and we would love to assist you as much as we can. For more reviews about successful auto traders in the industry, please visit our top recommended signals page and be rest assured to trade safe!

CodeFibo photo

Trading Video Sessions!

Session #1: 2 Hours – 8/29/16

Session #2: 3 Hours – 8/31/16 – Must see!!

Session #3: 30 minutes – 9/7/16 – Must see!!

Session #4: 1 Hour – $354 Profit – 9/12/16 – Must see!!


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    • Hi Anthony,
      Thank you for the heads up!! We actually encourage everyone who wants to share his / her general experience with CodeFibo to do so.
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    • Hi Anthony, i signed up wit Code Fibo a month ago and i am satisfied with my results. I actually manage to generate between 84 to 89 win rate on most of the days. I have to say though that before i decided to register with Fibo i had two accounts with scam services that ripped me off, so yea, i am very happy with my decision to join the company.
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