Cloud Track Trader is a SCAM Software! Life Saver CloudTrack Review!

Cloud Track Trader Scam Review!

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The Cloud Track Trader (CloudTrack Trader) by James Christian is our new victim, and the next offer to lead our black-list! It has brought to our attention by some of our loyal subscribers that this vicious offer has already been sent to their inboxes a few hours ago by some unfamiliar email marketers who probably want to grab their fat commissions on trader’s back. Therefore, in this warning scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the lies and false promises that we have been told during this presentation by the same scam artist who promoted many other scam services for the last year. So, before you are heading any further and falling for this trap and losing your money, be rest assured to read our full review, and trade safe!

Cloud Track Trader photoJames Christian has been claiming that he is the owner and CEO of the Cloud Track Trader, a new fully automated trading tool that was created by his team of best Wall-Street’s market analysts and programmers, that allegedly could generate for you none less than $1250 per day, every day. Moreover, we have also been told by James that he has started Cloud Track Trader back in 2014 with a mission to crack the code of making money with binary options. So, over the last two years, he gathered the best Wall-Street’s market professionals in order to create the most powerful auto trading robot in the industry. He also mentioned that since its official release back in December 2014, when he launched the Cloud Track Trader, the auto trader has never lost a single trade to none of their 1231 satisfied members.

Let’s get straight to the facts! This so-called “owner”, Mr. James Christian is nothing but a paid actor who’s getting paid in order to lie in front of the camera and to say whatever you tell him to say! You can clearly see him promotes many other scam services like the Cloud Trader App which we obviously blacklisted a few months ago, there he of course claimed to be the owner of the company which has turned many trader’s lives into millionaires within a few months of trading. Likewise, not only that this fella is a scam artist who definitely has nothing to do with binary options trading, but also a criminal who helps the scammers behind the website to commit a fraud on innocent traders’ back!

Cloud Track Trader photoAdditionally, it is a well-known thing that there is no such thing as “never lost a single trade” or “to trade with 100% accuracy”! So, be sure that unlike the CloudTrack Trader software which is clearly promoted based on these lies, trading on the financial market without losing trades is not going to happen in the near future, whatsoever. Just to remind you, traders who buy and sell assets (commodities, currencies, pairs, stocks, etc.) are dealing with volatile markets, high impact financial events, and many other elements that will most likely change the level of prices. Therefore, be rest assured that being a trader involves with losing trades, as well as with winning trades. However, with that been said, most importantly is to trade with a trusted and tested auto trader (instead of junk services) that will predict winning trades with a remarkable performance.

Cloud Track Trader photoOther than that, the Cloud Track Trader is not a 2 years old auto trader with 1231 satisfied users who make $1250 on a daily basis. The site was initially registered on 2016-08-31 by, a famous website used for checking domain age credentials. Meaning, two months ago, a “tiny” detail that completely exposes the real face of this offer which as we said, has nothing to do with trading! This most important detail is also lightening the fact that this entire offer is a complete fraud, just to remind you that the main actor has been claiming at the beginning of the presentation that he was created and officially released the Cloud Track Trader 2 years ago to the market, which ended up as a total LIE!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Trading binary options involves with risks, sometimes you lose trades, and sometimes you win trades. Therefore, don’t believe to those who promise you otherwise, or even worse, to become a millionaire within months from today. The Cloud Track Trader by James Christian is a manipulative SCAM system, created by the same people who stand behind many other scam services in the industry, the same horrible programs that already stole money from thousands of innocent traders! We’re therefore not planning to let those guys keep draining people’s accounts without paying for their actions! Make sure to stay as far away as you can from this unreliable software, and be rest assured to trade safe! In addition, if you already got scammed by this fishy program, please comment below and help us to put these scammers out of the business!

Gorilla’s verdict: CloudTrack Trader is a SCAM!!

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  1. Hi,
    I have just log in to cloudtracktrader before I have check their background. They immediately gave me a call right after I logg in and ask for my Card no. I did that. I knew that I don’t have enough money in my account but I have given them the necessary detail. Wha do I do now?
    Your help is very much appreciated.

      • Thank you for yr prompt respond.
        Banks are close during weekends. I am not certain how to go about this such as connecting to my bank thru net comm. as my husband deals with all other detail and frankly I am totally embarrassed to tell him about this. I feel really foolish.

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