Charity Profits App is a SCAM!! Don’t Fall For Megan Sanders’ Trap!!

Charity Profits App Scam Review!

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Real WARNING SCAM Review ahead of you!!! The Charity Profits App by Megan Sanders is a new DANGEROUS automated software in the binary options marketplace that will drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit your hard earned savings!!! This offer is unfortunately going viral among online investors who interested in making legitimate money from home, however, take into consideration that becoming a millionaire within a few months from now, or making thousands of dollars a day in pure profits, is nothing but a wet dream! So, before you are going any further and falling for this unreliable and vicious program, make sure to read our fully transparent SCAM review, and be rest assured to trade safe without being scammed in the blink of an eye!

Charity Profits App photoMegan Sanders has been claiming during this video presentation to be the owner and creator of the Charity Profits App, a fully automated trading tool that has been created and programmed by her to win time after time without even one lose (“everyone wins”). She has also mentioned that she is a multi-millionaire who made her entire fortune from her previous day job as a financial analyst in one of the biggest banks in Europe.

During this demonstration video, Megan was claiming that since last year, the Charity Profits App is performing great and has been generating for her only, over than 1.7 million dollars in pure profits. She said that she has created and developed this automated trading tool in order to help charities she supports on a daily basis with an aim to help other people with their daily struggles of life. Other than that, she has been claiming that she is just about to celebrate a one year anniversary of her launching the Charity Profits App to the wide public.

Moreover, as part of the presentation, she has guaranteed that you, as a beginner trader and a newcomer customer, will be making up to $4000 a day, every day, and even will become a millionaire within 10 months from now, and that if you fail earning money in the first 24 hours, she will pay you $5000 out of her own money. Likewise, not only that you will allegedly be generating this overwhelming kind of cash with the Charity Profits App, Megan Sanders has also mentioned that her “Life changing fast money system” works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Nonetheless, she mentioned that by accepting your free copy of the software, you agree to donate 5% (or more) of your earnings to 1 or more of the charities she has setup for.

Charity Profits App photoGenerally, we have a lot to say about the ACTRESS Megan Sanders and her FRAUD software! Having said that, we are not planning to waste your time with many irrelevant details about this program, and therefore, we will go straight to the facts!

So, first things first, UNLIKE what Megan Sanders said during this illustration video, generating and earning $4000 per day with an automated trading tool, could be nice though, however, it is not going to happen, period! Moreover, becoming a millionaire within months from today is insane and although she is a sexy woman and pretty much convincing with her charm, it definitely doesn’t make her right!

In a nutshell, making these overwhelming tons of money in the binary options market is an unattainable goal, and as for a quick example, make sure to read our fully detailed CodeFibo app review. There you will be able to realize that even with the most accurate auto trading service in the industry that based on the well-known Fibonacci indicator and the Golden ratio theory, you won’t be making more than $900 per day, and these results are proven and documented by real and active traders from all over the world.

A few more bothering issues that have caught our eyes and ears during our investigation. First, we have been told by Megan that the Charity Profits App is working and generating winning trades on your behalf without even losing one single trade. So, in this case, we will remind you that we are dealing with selling and buying virtual assets in the financial market, and obviously there is no such thing as 100% accuracy. Means that as traders, we have no other choice but to accept the fact that losing trades is part of the game, but most importantly is to have more winning trades than losing trades in your daily sessions.

Charity Profits App photoAnd lastly, not only that you are not going to be making this enormous amount of money, you are also not going to get a 24/7 auto trading platform! Why, you ask? Simple! The financial markets (stocks, commodities, currencies and pairs) are working and operating transactions 5 days a week, Monday – Friday, and during the weekends the markets are closed and the trade is unavailable. So, here you go another lie…

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Regrettably, we are pretty much sure that innocent people a.k.a beginner traders will fall for this awful trap. However, if you are reading those lines, we are proudly saved your hard earned money from being drained within hours or days. The Charity Profits App is an unreliable trading program, based on lies, misleading facts and incorrect details about the binary options industry ($4000 a day / becoming a millionaire / 24/7, and more…). Likewise, Megan Sanders is nothing but a paid actress that has been hired by a group of scammers who aim to commit a fraud on your back, therefore, make sure to stay as far away as you can from this fraudulent system which has been created to harm your financial situation as soon as you sign up! We therefore have no other choice but to BLACKLIST this shameful system as soon as possible and to conclude that the Charity Profits is a pure SCAM!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Charity Profits App is a SCAM!!

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Charity Profits App photoTrade safe! Visit our TOP rated signals list instead!

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