Cambridge Method is a SCAM Software!! Warning Review!

Cambridge Method Scam Review!

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The Cambridge Method software by the nonexistent person, Mr. James Hockton is a complete SCAM automated system in the binary options industry that literally has shown up out of nowhere. This bogus website is based on a very old promotional video that we have seen before and already blacklisted a few months ago. We therefore have decided to upload our full scam review to our blog as soon as we could due to the reason that this phony system is going viral and being advertised via email marketing. So, if you gave already received an ‘invitation’ to your mailbox or have landed on this fake website by mistake, make sure to read our full and honest review till the very end, and rest assured to stay safe!

Cambridge Method photoAs mentioned, the Cambridge Method system is not a genuine or a new automated system, the complete opposite! When you visit their website you however can see a new design with new numbers and faces, that’s true. However, once you click on the ‘play’ button, you’re immediately experiencing a déjà vu that clearly reminds you a previous scam systems that we have already blacklisted a few months ago (see blacklist page). Moreover, the owner this time claimed to be named James Hockton, he said that he was working as a Risk Analyst Modeler in the London stock exchange, 4 years ago. And that it took him years to develop and test the Cambridge Method software that helped him to become a very rich man. Other than that, he was claiming that he offers the Cambridge Method app for a period of 6 months. And once the free membership expires and your balance is at least a minimum of £10,000, the license will be suspended and you would be required to buy a premium membership for the amount of £512 a year. Which is by itself the complete opposite of what the voice narrator was claiming during this presentation when he was saying that this system is for free and always will be…

Cambridge Method photoAdditionally, the voice narrator has never revealed his name, actually the video is kind of a general video that anyone who wants to commit a fraud can use. For example, the voice narrator was claiming that you will be making tens of thousands of dollars in the next few days and if you fail earning this kind of money, he will pay you $10,000 out of his own pocket. Where all of this mention on this website? The answer is of course, nowhere! The creator of this website, the real person who stands behind this fraud has invented fake identity and named it “James Hockton” to be his ‘owner’. Likewise, we have also been told that the Cambridge Method is an automated robot that could be generating profits with up to 97.56% winning ratio, which is obviously an unattainable performance that you could get in the binary options trading. For example, and if to be much more realistic, trading with a trusted and tested auto trader like the well-known Copy Buffett App could be a much more trade-value for you. First, you trade with a registered and licensed company, and secondly, you can rest assured to trade with a real robot that was created by a group of experts and not by a group of scammers.

Cambridge Method photoMoreover, the website is completely fake and you can clearly see it by activating the pitch video. You will then see a group of Fiverr actors like the woman in the picture below. Besides, the profile picture of the alleged owner, our fella, Mr. James Hockton, is nothing but a stolen picture that has been taken from the search results in order to manipulate beginner traders with unreliable information and many other lies.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Cambridge Method software is a very dangerous system that was created in order to steal your money as soon as you deposit. Additionally, the website is full of misleading information, lies and fake promises in the binary options industry that you will never get. As mentioned, this promotional video has nothing to do in the financial market and it is kind of a general video, that we unfortunately probably will see again and again by scammers who want to commit a fraud. Besides, this video is full of Fiverr actors who got paid in order to lie in front of the camera and to lead you to a sales page by telling you how profitable they are. Make sure to keep our advice and stay as far away as you can from this unreal and phony system that was created to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Cambridge Method is a SCAM!!!

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Don’t lose hope! The binary options trading industry could be a much rewarded opportunity for you to update and upgrade your daily income! As we have mentioned earlier, our best alternative instead of this awful system could easily be the most popular Copy Buffett Software by Jeremy Fin, a great auto trading robot that could predict winning trades on the financial market with up to 85% winning ratio. Other than that, if you are an eager trader who wants to trade on your own, we recommend that you will open a trading account with our top rated broker, Porter Finance. A great broker that offers high returns on your profits, plenty of assets to trade on and an outstanding customer support!

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