Bullish University is a SCAM!! Ben Newman? You are Busted!!

Bullish University Scam Review!

Bullish University login details: www.bullishuniversity.com

The Bullish University by Ben Newman is a SCAM! The reason we are stating it might surprise you though, but the truth must be told no matter what! Not only that this binary options program is a complete fraud, its creator and the man who stands behind this website, Ben Newman, is nothing but a scammer and a criminal who steals information and credentials from other successful binary options programs! In this Bullish University scam review, we are planning to expose everything we know so far about the service and its creator, as well as what you will be losing once you sign up and deposit your savings into this lousy website! Therefore, if you have been wondering whether to join and to be a part of Ben Newman’s webinars, make sure to read our full warning review first, and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry without being scammed!

Bullish University photoBen Newman, the guy who stands behind the Bullish University was a very famous guy in the binary options industry as a day trader as well as a developer of a variety of fully automated and semi-automated trading tools like the XE Trader, OptionBot, OptionBot 2, and even the TrendXpert, for whom of you who familiar with those systems. We won’t lie and will say that those services were scams or associated with a fraud scheme, the complete opposite, those services were astonishingly successful applications and we are sure that expert traders who have started their financial way back then around 2013 probably know what we are talking about. However, time has passed, as well as the people themselves, and all of a sudden most of the collaborations have changed.

The Bullish University became popular among newbie traders due to the effect and the massive exposure that Ben created around it by promising free webinars, free training and free strategies that supposed to rich your lake binary options trading knowledge as a beginner trader who wants to expand your skills and practice. Nonetheless, this is definitely not the situation that users are practically encountered with the system once they’re signing up. Just to make it clear, Ben Newman is promoting his favorite brokers on the Bullish University website at www.bullishuniversity.com, therefore, make sure not to be fooled by his vicious technique! Unfortunately, he promotes the brokers who pay him the most commissions not by their reliability or if they fast with withdrawals or with customer care. As a result, a trader who falls for this money making scheme is obviously assigned with a lousy broker, and due to the fact that this trader is a complete novice investor, he has no idea how to deal with a situation when he is not getting paid by the broker itself.

Bullish University photoNot only that we are receiving too many negative complaints regarding the Bullish University and its creator on a regular basis, this is not a real University and it’s illegal and misleading to call your service a University without the right paperwork and license to operate one, therefore, it’s part of the misleading advertising scheme of the Bullish University. Other than that, traders who regrettably joined the service are as predicted reporting many losses during those webinar sessions, even though it is not should happen when you listen and follow an expert trader right? So, as a part of our deep investigation, we found that these Bullish University webinars delivered by Ben Newman himself are practically unreal and not connected with the basic terms of providing a trading session to a group of traders. The truth is that there is no even one profitable signal and clear webinar with Ben, based on real strategies or even technical analysis that provide their members with winning trades consistently that worth the hard earned money of the trader from the first place. Basically, traders report on either break even result or some shady unplaced signals that were probably rejected by the system, so what is the point???

Moreover, if you take a real & live proof from the Michael Freeman YouTube channel, you are more than welcome to have a look at the video below this paragraph, reveals Afzal’s webinar (an admin on Mike’s signals group on Facebook) when he literally guided traders step by step how to win 10 out of 10 trades during a live webinar.

An example of how a webinar should be! Must see!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Ben Newman is a scammer who created the fishy Bullish University service in order to get some fat commissions on your back! We are not buying those claims, promises and well-edited YouTube videos that “proudly” ended with winning trades without any proof! This is no longer a secret that newbie traders who joined the Bullish University and invested their savings into this unreliable program have lost their entire deposits in a matter of hours or days, and in return got nothing but a huge headache! We therefore completely discourage our readers and subscribers from being associated with any relationship related to Ben Newman, the owner of the shameful Bullish University system! Likewise, if you already own an account with one of his programs, make sure to place a withdrawal order as soon as you can, in order to save your money!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Bullish University is a SCAM!!!

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Bullish University photoVisit our tried and tested services page, and stay safe!

Refraining from the Bullish University scam must be a first, second and third priority! Furthermore, if you are a beginner trader who wants to upgrade your daily income and to expand your trading skills to high levels of skills, we encourage you to join the most famous Mike’s signals group on Facebook! A group of almost 10,000 binary options traders from all over the world, this group contains admins, top traders, REAL webinars on a weekly basis, delivered by the admins themselves. Other than that, if you are looking for an automated robot program to trade on your behalf and to generate winning trades on complete auto-pilot mode, our top recommended one is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, a stunning software based on the principles of the Fibonacci numbers, a technical analysis trading tool being used by most of expert traders all over the globe.

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  1. Thank you guys! I was just about to sign up and to fund my account!!! Unbelievable how this guy manipulates traders with fake and unreal webinars.
    I also noticed that you mentioned Mike’s signals group on Facebook, so i will contact you in the next few days about joining and choosing a broker to trade with.
    Thanks again!

  2. I would like to know whether Brooks Blueprint is legit or scam. Your reply to my answer is very much appreciated.

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