Brooks Blueprint App is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Brooks Blueprint Scam Review!

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The Brooks Blueprint App by Steven Brooks is a new fully automated SCAM system in the binary options industry that has shown up all of a sudden, promoted mostly by email marketers and media buyers in order to get some fat commissions on your back. The auto trader allegedly supposes to make you a millionaire and wealthy by earning thousands of dollars a day on complete auto pilot mode and without even a previous knowledge in trading. In this scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the lies and misleading information that we have been told during this promotional video, and on the other hand, will provide you with much better opportunities to trade with on the binary market, without taking chances and most importantly, without falling for a scam! So, if you have already received an ‘invitation’ to your mailbox from one of their promoters, be sure to read this full and honest review till the very end, and stay safe!

Brooks Blueprint photoIf to be honest with you folks, the Brooks Blueprint software production looks too familiar. We have reviewed this year and last year many scam services that look practically the same. Cars, villas, fake promises of becoming a millionaire, no loss trades and much more lies. Frankly, we are not so surprised and astonished from this website and definitely not from their main actor, which this time claimed to be named Steven Brooks. During this presentation, we have been told far too many lies than we used to hear during a presentation, no worries though, we are about to expose everything in a moment and won’t let you down! Most importantly is that you will understand that if you are reading those lines, it means that you have already targeted by these scammers.

Steven Brooks was claiming that he is a multi-millionaire, driving a luxury car, living the life he always dreamed of and the owner of the Brooks Blueprint, a company that allegedly developed a ‘No loss trade’ software, an auto trading robot that can generate for you none less than $148,216 in pure profits every week, and surprisingly, trades 6 days a week! During the presentation, we have been told by Steven, that the Brooks Blueprint app scans billions of bytes of financial data from all over the world, uses historical data, trader sentiment, news items, corporate information and other factors. And that the software picks out the best possibilities for you, and that this program has never lost a single trade!

Brooks Blueprint photoLie number 1 is that there is no company called ‘Brooks Blueprint’! We have tried to find some reliable information though over the net about registered and licensed company by that name, but as expected, we couldn’t find anything but scam reviews all over page 1, 2 and 3 on Google. Besides, Steven Brooks is nothing but a paid actor as well as all of the others who cooperated with him during this promotional video. Those fellas are definitely not a binary options traders, and we have no doubt that we will see them promoting other scam services in the following months.

Additionally, if you are one of our blog subscribers, you should already know that there is no such thing as becoming a millionaire overnight, or earning thousands of dollars per day with an automated robot that allegedly executes trades on your behalf. Other than that, “No loss” software like Steven Brooks was claiming that the Brooks Blueprint app has never lost a trade is a complete misleading information and even a rough lie! Another proof that we are dealing with a money making scheme is that during this pitch video, one of the actors, the one who demonstrated how the software works, was claiming that the auto trader works 6 days a week for you. So, can you please explain that? How come 6 days if the financial markets are open only 5 days a week, Monday to Friday? Which trades does the Brooks Blueprint app execute if the markets have no volatility and literally close?

Brooks Blueprint photoWe reckon that trading binary options could be much rewarded thing if you take the right decision and stay as far away as you can from services like the Brooks Blueprint, which clearly aimed to drain your account as quickly as you deposit. However, in the binary options industry there are many other legitimate services, based on registered and licensed companies with real and active traders from all over the world. As for a quick example, the Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin is a stunning auto trader that was developed in order to provide its users with profitable trades and up to 85% winning ratio on a regular basis.

The Gorillas Conclusion!

The Brooks Blueprint app is not a genuine auto trader that will help you updating or upgrading your daily income. This system was created by scammers who have already launched scam services in the industry many times before, and all of them were blacklisted as quickly as they were online. Make sure not to fall for these frauds and to make an initial deposit into a vicious website that was created to steal your money in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, and in order to stay on the safe side of the map, be sure to visit our top recommended signals services list, and rest assured to trade with a reputable company that already has active traders all over the world.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Brooks Blueprint is a SCAM!!!

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Brooks Blueprint photoVisit our trusted and tested robots list instead!

Alternatively, if you are not willing to trade on complete automated mode, but on your own knowledge and skills, we would recommend that you will open a trading account with our top rated broker that will save your money! Moreover, this broker has a very high returns on your profits, as well as plenty of assets to trade on, and an outstanding customer support available 24/5 for their clients. Besides, if you are a US trader, Nadex is your best solution in terms of regulation and legitimacy. This broker is a US based, with a minimum initial deposit of only $100 and even with signals service and a demo account, provided for free of charge to their customers.

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  1. Brooks blue print is a SCAM I was unlucky to fall for it. After lossing 2 trades and there promise of MATCH your deposit.That NEVER happens cause once they have your money you will never be able to contract them directly.
    I try to contact them over and over with NO reply just automatic spam mail, telling me, pushing me to get there new updated program for more MONEY…
    Even phone calls
    Just wish I read this first…

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