Brexit Bot App is a SCAM!! Paul Harrison is FAKE! Trusted Review!

Brexit Bot Scam Review!

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A new automated scam software in the industry is the Brexit Bot app by Paul Harrison. This system is allegedly based on the Brexit of the UK people from the EU, 6 weeks ago, and supposed to make you a multi-millionaire within weeks from now. Don’t fall for this trap and make sure to read our fully transparent scam review till the very end, and be sure to stay safe, otherwise, you will be losing your hard earned money as quickly as you deposit. Unfortunately, we are being informed that this software is going viral for the last couple of days due to a massive attack of email marketing, so if you are one of those people who already received their ‘invitation’ to your mailbox, and want to check credibility, be sure not to become a victim,  and stay safe!

 Brexit Bot photoAnd the story goes…

The voice narrator in this video presentation has claimed to be named Paul Harrison, a multi-millionaire who most of his mature life was a Forex trader. He said that he has a piece of automated software that has made him well over 1.2 million dollars since the Brexit decision of the British people, means 6 weeks from today. Likewise, he stated that the Brexit Bot software is an automated robot that generates winning profits consistently and could benefit your trading account with none less than $25,000 per day, all on complete auto pilot. Paul also said that this auto trader works by placing binary options trades, focusing on the GBP pairs with a winning ratio of 92.3% accuracy. And because this currency has been fluctuating so often since the Brexit decision, the traders can make huge profits on a daily basis. He also mentioned that he is giving TODAY and today only, a free 50 licenses for people who want to become millionaires like him, so when he reaches these 50 spots, he will close the doors for new members.

How does the Brexit Bot work?

We have no idea!

During this promotional video, the voice narrator was claiming that the auto trader is basically executing trades on the GBP pairs only and has a staggering performance of at least 92.3% ratio.

That’s it basically, and yes, it is a ridiculous that a trader / client and even a blogger who wants to review the product, has literally no idea of how does the robot work or even how it looks like. Moreover, we are totally don’t believe on these claims of trading only on the GBP pairs only because of the Brexit… This is not making any sense, especially when he claims that this decision of the British people has changed the whole of the financial markets’ movement, including commodities and other stocks that have been dropped out of their price levels instantly.

 Brexit Bot photoCan I become a millionaire too???

Definitely NOT!

Paul Harrison was claiming that he has made way over than 1.2 million dollars within 6 weeks and that a trader who becomes one of his Brexit Bot app members, will join the benefits of both worlds. First, you’ll allegedly have a fully automated software that trades on your behalf, and secondly, you’ll become a millionaire in no time.

Obviously, none of these will happen, and the only things that will be bothering you, will be the headache of how to prevent the software from draining your hard earned investment, and secondly, the demoralize feeling of being scammed.

And as a proof, with none less than 100% solid facts, based on real and active traders’ reports, you are more than welcome to read this performance review, and realize that in the binary options industry you won’t become a millionaire overnight or next month.

But how come? I saw the testimonials in the video…

You right!

There were some testimonials in this presentation by people who endorsed the Brexit Bot software and claimed that they have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars within 2 or 3 weeks.

First things first, rest assure that those people are nothing but paid Fiverr actors who promote everything in exchange for $5 per 50 words, and that their faces are well-known as scam artists.

Proof #1: Fiverr actor!
 Brexit Bot photoProof #2: Fiverr actor!

 Brexit Bot photoSecondly, and as we have already mentioned, earning this sum of money per day is unattainable and is not going to happen in the near future, with Brexit or without Brexit.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Paul Harrison, the alleged owner of the Brexit Bot, is nothing but a voice narrator and definitely not the owner of an automated system or a company. We have come to learn that in the binary options industry, you have to keep your eyes open more than you were thinking and planned from first place, otherwise, you are right on your way to get scammed. Besides, making thousands of dollar per day in the financial market and becoming a multi-millionaire in no time, is obviously a dream that won’t come true in the years to come… Therefore, make sure to understand that when you hear these promises “there is nothing to sell here”, “you’ll become a millionaire” and “it’s free!!” you must stay as far away as you can in order to save your money being stolen. Likewise, we have no other choice but to conclude that the Brexit Bot app is a money making scheme that was created to commit a fraud on traders’ back!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Brexit Bot is a SCAM!!

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