Bot Plus 365 V2 is a SCAM Robot!! Indisputable Fraud Review!

Bot Plus 365 Scam Review!

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The Bot Plus 365 software as also known as BotPlus365 V2 by Jay Ross is a new manipulative scam system in the binary options marketplace that was created to hurt your financial situation! The software is allegedly an automated robot that supposed to generate for you none less than $1000 per day on complete automated mode. Regrettably, this program is going viral for the last couple of days due to a severely hard blast of email marketers on traders’ accounts. Therefore, in this scam review, we are about to expose the whole of the lies and unreliable details that we have been told during this video presentation, so before you take any further action we would recommend that you will read our full warning review, and be sure to stay on the safe side of the map!

Bot Plus 365 photoDuring this promotional video, the voice narrator was claiming to be named Jay Ross, the owner and founder of the Bot Plus 365 software, an automated robot that allegedly was created and engineered by Jiro Hakomoto, ”one of the best software engineers in Japan”. Moreover, he said that traders who use the software are profiting at least $1000 per day from it on complete automated mode. Jay has also mentioned that the Bot Plus 365 app has an incredible winning ratio of none less than 98% accuracy, and said that the auto trader wins 98 trades out of 100 trades in total no matter what. Likewise, during this presentation, we have also been told by the voice narrator that when a trader has a winning trade, the Bot Plus 365 automatically delivers $100 profits to your trading account, means that you invested $25 and received $100 in return right into your portfolio.

Let’s get straight to the facts! Jay Ross is nothing but a voice narrator who was created by a group of scammers who developed this shameful website, this guy is definitely unreal and has nothing to do with the binary options industry, whatsoever! Additionally, as part of our investigation, we have also tried to track his identity, as well as Jiro Hakomoto’s identity in order to verify our claims. So, needless to mention that both pepole are not existed and have no relations to the binary options market. Moreover, if you try to search “Bot Plus 365”or “BotPlus365 V2”, the only things that you will find on pages 1,2 and 3 on Google are nothing but scam reviews by top authority websites.

Bot Plus 365 photoLikewise, “Jay Ross” was claiming that the Bot Plus 365 app is an innovative auto trader in the industry that could benefit your trading account with at least $1000 a day, and by the way it works, you can do much more. He said that when the robot executes a trade and using a minimum investment of only $25, you will be profiting $100! Well, this kind of things are not really associated in the binary options industry, and by our opinion, our fella, Mr. Jay Ross was mistaken when he was claiming that the Bot Plus 365 is a binary options tool, because by his description, it sounds like proper gambling “tool”! First things first, the returns on your profits are up to the brokers and most of the brokers work with up to 85% returns, or in other words, if you invest $25 on a trade, and this trade ended up as a winning trade, you will be getting back to your balance account $46.25 in total. So before you decide to believe in such nonsense and lies, make sure to understand first that those things are not really happening in reality.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Bot Plus 365 software is unfortunately going viral among newbie traders, and this is the exact reason as for why we have decided to upload our full warning review as quickly as we could! Nonetheless, in the financial market, there are many other services, some are trusted and sadly, many of them were designed to commit a fraud on your back! The Bot Plus 365 is not a genuine auto trader, this program was created in order to steal your money using a manipulated voice narrator, Fiverr actors who promoted everything in exchange for $5, unreliable promises of making tons of money in no time, and much more. Don’t let those sneaks make fools of you, and keep our advice and stay as far away as you can from this vicious system!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Bot Plus 365 is a SCAM!!

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As mentioned, there are many shady services out there that were created to manipulate novice traders with unreachable promises and unattainable goals. Therefore, make sure to stay on the safe side and to trade only with trusted and tested services based on real and proven reports and stats. Our top recommended auto trader these days is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, a 100% real innovative auto trading software in the binary options marketplace which based on the well-known math principles, the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. Other than that, if you are keen to learn how to trade on your own knowledge and skills we would recommend to trade with a proven and tested broker, a broker that provides high returns on your profits and great a customer support!

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