Blazing Trader App is a SCAM!! $20k Daily Profits in Your Dream!

Blazing Trader Scam Review!

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Blazing Trader App is definitely not what you think it is! The software by Johan Strand who claimed to be the owner and creator, is nothing but a complete fraudulent website promises to its intendant victims a constant daily income of none less than $20,000 per day, every day, and for free! Therefore, in this warning scam review, we will be exposing the entire information we have regarding this shameful system that the only thing that could do on complete auto pilot is to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit! So, before you go any further and fall for this terrible scam, make sure to read our full and honest review, based on proven facts and indisputable conclusion, and be rest assured to stay safe!

Blazing Trader photoWe have encountered with the Blazing Trader software website a few hours ago by one of our subscribers who informed us that he already received 2 shady invitations to two separated email accounts he owns. We therefore assuming, due to our extensive experience in the industry, that this awful system supposed to go viral within hours / days by email marketers and media buyers who promote their stuff on social media accounts like Facebook Ads. With that been said, we have no doubt that investors who reading this revealing review, are safe and protected from being scammed or becoming a part of this deplorable statistics.

Johan Strand has been claiming that he is a self-made millionaire and a professor at the department of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technology in Switzerland. He also said that he did a lot of research and important work with Princeton University, large transnational corporations and even with NASA during his previous work as a professor.

Moreover, he mentioned that last year he was working closely with something called heuristic logic minimizers, which they are allegedly blazing fast math algorithms designed to minimize Boolean functions. In short, he claimed that he was working on ways to make computer searches work a whole lot faster when handling large amounts of data. He also described that at the same time, his brother Lars, was working in the binary options industry and developed an automated system that allows him to spot emerging patterns in the stock markets.

Blazing Trader photoJohan Strand, said that today, after a full year of intensive development, ongoing research, improvements, and test abilities, they are honored to offer the Blazing Trader App to only 100 random people from all walks of life and from all over the world, without trading knowledge, in order to be ready for their “exit” next year, with proven and tested results, allegedly by their victims. He was claiming that trader who decides to join them and funds his trading account with a minimum deposit, will be making none less than $20,000 a day, every day, to the rest of his life. Not only that, we have also been told that the Blazing Trader App is a “risk free” software that will never lose, however, the auto trader has a staggering accuracy of 93% win rate… So, how is that possible???

First things first, there is no such thing as “risk free software”, come on… We are in the financial market, it is part of the game that we will lose trades here and there… But, most importantly is to keep on trading with a high winning ratio with an obvious aim to increase your ITMs and not your OTMs.

And lastly, how could it be that the alleged “owner” of an investing trading tool in the financial market, claims in the same sentence “risk free” and “93% win rate”??? That obviously doesn’t make any reasonable sense. Even if you are a complete beginner trader, you probably know that 93% accuracy means that you will be winning 93 trades out of 100 trades in total, right?? Which also means that you still losing 7 trades. So, how come that the Blazing Trader is a “risk free” software?

One “little” thing to inform you before we are heading to a final conclusion, is that during this promotional presentation, Johan Strand said that if you go further and join the Blazing Trader App program, you will be able to withdraw your daily revenues each and every day, and to get your profits at the following day. This claim is a pure lie and a proper misleading information! A solid fact is that placing withdrawals in your trading account is not a thing that happens immediately, the complete opposite though, in most cases the funds will reach your bank account within 4/5 business days, or more.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Blazing Trader is a new offer in the binary options market, based on lies and unreliable details without a small connection to reality! The main actor who’s supposed to be the developer and creator of the auto trader is nothing but a scam artist who’s getting paid for talking nonsense in front of the camera in exchange for a few bucks! Nonetheless, it has brought to our attention that the Blazing Trader App is already promoted via emails and social media channels by their advertisers. Therefore, we have no other option but to reach a solid and final verdict, and to label this automated system as a complete fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: Blazing Trader App is a SCAM!!

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Regrettably, we have no doubt that innocent people will fall for this trap and will deposit their hard earned savings, and as a result, will lose it in the blink of an eye! Make sure that this is not you, therefore, visit our top recommended signals services page and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the industry. Furthermore, the most accurate auto trader in the marketplace these days is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Lewis, who’s created a piece of outstanding software that could predict winning trades with up to 87% winning ratio on a regular basis, even in a most volatile days in the stock market.

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