Black Swan Technology App is a SCAM!! Warning Review!

Black Swan Technology Scam Review!

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The Black Swan Technology App by the alleged ‘owner’ Donald Brock is just another FAKE and unreliable auto trading software that has recently landed in the binary options industry in order to steal money from traders and complete beginners! We have decided to do not let it happen and to upload our SCAM review as quickly as we can, with an aim to warn BO traders and online investors from using this bogus system that particularly was created to commit a fraud on your back. In this warning review, we will be revealing our points as for why we have decided to blacklist this piece of crap software and what our best alternative that could really help you to turn vision into reality without falling into a money making scheme trap!

Black Swan TechnologyLuckily, we have managed to find the bogus website with the help of one of our subscribers who has already received a “special” invitation to his mailbox, saying and promising to become a millionaire without any efforts within the next few months… Obviously, we are pretty familiar with those emails, and literally getting them on a daily basis via some of their email marketers who just want to earn their fat commission on your back. We therefore couldn’t agree to allow this kind of situation, and here we go, another scam review, this time about the fake and unreal “The Black Swan Technology App”!

When you visit the website, you will immediately notice a promise of how to make at least $6154 a day. Then you have the pitch video, which we will talk about in a moment, and when you scroll down, you will be encountered with a kind of a letter from Donald Brock, the alleged CEO, who promised to change your life for the better and that within the next 365 days you will become a millionaire without making any efforts on your side but to push a button. During this promotional video, our fella, Mr. Donald Brock, claimed to be the owner and CEO of the Black Swan Technology. He was saying that you will be making at least $6154 a day, and if for some reason you fail making this kind of money per day, he will personally deposit $1000 out of his own money to your account.

Black Swan TechnologyLikewise, the voice narrator has ‘explained’ that the Black Swan Technology App is based on the Black Swan theory, which is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. He said that, the term is based on an ancient saying which presumed black swans did not exist. Moreover, Donald Brock was telling us that about 14 months ago they were aiming to create a “binary trading app” to turn the average trader into a millionaire with something like a push button system and within a few months. He claimed that they have managed to gather a historical data of the last 85 years to use and make a solid and steady income out of it. And by obtaining that much data, they were able to discover a new pattern, “the Black Swan Pattern”. He said that this pattern allows them to automatically predict trades without waiting for the market to hand the signals and that by using this kind of “technology” you could be getting stunning trades with up to 96.84% win rate on a regular basis.

It was a damn long introduction, but don’t get us wrong, the Black Swan Technology App is nothing but a pure scam that was created to convince you with a lot of information that literally has nothing to do in the financial market, and definitely not in the binary options industry. First things first, the so-called CEO, has never revealed himself and practically stayed behind the microphone during the presentation. Well, in this case it was a piece of cake, since once the voice narrator was claiming that his name is Donald Brock attaching with that picture, you immediately could check it with Google, and find that his identity is completely based on stolen picture from the search engine. Plus, we were also trying to find some information about a guy named Donald Brock on some popular social media networks, and as expected, we couldn’t find anything related to him or to the alleged company that he represents, but scam reviews over and over again.

Black Swan TechnologyMoreover, there is no such thing in the financial market to trade on a complete auto pilot mode with an automated robot that allegedly developed to predict the future or winning trades with a historical data of 85 years ago. It is a pure lie that has been written and scripted in order to manipulate newbie traders who just want to trade legitimately and ethically with a reliable service. Additionally, becoming a millionaire overnight / next month / next year on the financial market, trading Forex or Binary options is without a shadow of a doubt unattainable goal and is not going to happen in the near future, whatsoever! However, trading binary options could be a much rewarded thing if you choose to trade with a trusted and tested auto trader that based on a registered company like the well-known Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin, a company with thousands of traders around the world and great partners program to their clients.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Black Swan Technology App is nothing but a money making scheme, a fraud that was created by real scammers in order to steal your hard earned investment as soon as you deposit. Make sure to keep our advice and to stay as far away as you can from systems that unfortunately aim to drain your trading account with vicious tricks and misleading information that has nothing to do in the binary options trading world. Our conclusion is pure, sharp and well known, the Black Swan Technology App by the nonexistent owner, Mr. Donald Brock is unreliable and not a genuine auto trading software, and definitely not a recommended service to use by traders.

Gorilla’s verdict: Black Swan Technology is a SCAM!!

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Black Swan TechnologyVisit our top recommended signals instead!

As mentioned, trading binary options could be a rewarded thing only if you take the right decision and open a trading account with a legitimate company! Our best alternative and top rated auto trading system is the Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin, a great auto trader that was invented by expert traders and could predict winning trades in the financial markets with up to 85% ITM performance.

Alternatively, if you are interested in trading on your own knowledge and skills, we would recommend that you will open a trading account with a trusted and tested broker that will save your money on one hand, and on the other hand, will help you grow your daily income with a stunning smooth and clean interface, plenty of assets to trade on, and an outstanding customer support.

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