Bitcoin Money Machine is a SCAM!! Warning Honest Review!

Bitcoin Money Machine Review!

Don’t fall for the Bitcoin Money Machine ( trap by Warren Young! A new money making scheme in the financial industry that was created and aimed to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit your hard earned savings! Unfortunately, the creators of this vicious website have already started to send many ‘invitation’ emails and to spam many traders and online investors’ inboxes in order to gain deposits and fat commissions on their back! We therefore have decided to upload our warning scam review as soon as we heard about this fishy website, deals with a shameful Bitcoin system which obviously has nothing to do with reality!! Therefore, make sure to read our full pointers and guidance as for why we decided to add this scam product to our blacklist page and to warn binary options traders from signing up into this honey trap!

Bitcoin Money Machine photoThe voice narrator in this video presentation has been claiming to be named Warren Young, an “underground” trader who exploits global opportunities in the financial markets, including the binary options market. He said that the Bitcoin Money Machine is a very successful auto trader, based on EMELI, a cloud based artificial intelligence platform with deep learning capabilities. By Warren, this system is programmed to monitor and to execute trades on complete auto-pilot mode with up to 98.6% accurate ratio. Likewise, or fella, Mr. voice narrator said that he offers only 100 free spots for random people from all around the world to trade with the Bitcoin Money Machine and to earn up to $25,000 per day. He also said that traders who want to withdraw their “profits” at the end of every day, could easily place an order before 2pm and to get their funds by the end of the day, and if you place a withdrawal order after 2pm you will see the money into your bank account at the following business day.

First things first, after we revealed this lame story of the Bitcoin Money Machine that allegedly based on an artificial intelligence platform that supposed to monitor and to execute automated trades on your behalf with a stunning winning ratio of none less than 98.6%, we are planning to expose every piece of information that has nothing to do with reality and has been told during this promotional video by the voice narrator who claimed to be named “Warren Young”.

Warren Young is NOT a real person / trader / investor who created or developed the Bitcoin Money Machine App or its artificial intelligence platform, EMELI. We have tried to track his identity throughout several network channels available online, including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and obviously we couldn’t find any piece of information related to him or to his binary options giveaway project. Moreover, the voice narrator was claiming that the auto trader has been programmed to execute only Bitcoin trades, means that if you are planning to open a trading account with one of their suggested brokers, you will only be getting Bitcoin trades. Having said that, if you are an expert trader who knows and lives the industry for a few months or years like we do, you probably know that you can count on one hand the number of brokers who support the Bitcoin, means that the whole of this story is irrelevant to the binary options market!

Bitcoin Money Machine photoOther than that, the voice narrator has also been claiming that traders who sign up with the Bitcoin Money Machine software will immediately be assigned to an amazing trading program that will generate automated trades on their behalf with an incredible 98.6% winning ratio, and as a result, each one of the members will be able to earn up to $25,000 per day. Needless to say that there is no such thing as trading with so high accuracy like 98.6% performance which could obviously not be achievable in any financial market. Likewise, as a rule of thumb, make sure to realize that trading binary options with an automated service and even with a manual program could not benefit your portfolio with thousands of dollars per day. As a solid proof, if you read our latest CodeFibo App review, you will see that even a proven and tested auto trader that based on the well-known Fibonacci numbers indicator cannot generate more than a stable daily income of +/- $850 with an outstanding 87% ITM performance.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

We reckon that we’ve covered and exposed every single lie that we encountered with during this video presentation. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Money Machine as well as its alleged “owner”, Mr. Warren Young is a complete nonexistent system which has been invented by a group of scammers in order to manipulate beginner traders with false claims and unreliable facts about the binary options industry. Don’t fall for this trap and make sure to stay as far as you can from services that promise you to be able to s thousands of dollars per day or to trade with a “no risk” program, a thing that definitely not down to earth. Therefore, with all the mentioned above, we have no other choice but to assess the Bitcoin Money Machine as a proven fraud without any reliability or legitimacy to operate in the binary options industry!

Gorilla’s verdict: Bitcoin Money Machine is a SCAM!

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If you are a binary options trader who interested in trading on your own knowledge and skills, we recommend that you will open a trading account with a trusted and tested broker who pays in time, offers high returns on your profits and provides you with a smooth and clean platform to trade on. However, if you are willing to upgrade your monthly income with an automated tool, we encourage you to read our CodeFibo App review, our top recommended robot these days, with stunning results and many active users from all around the world.

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