Binary Options Scam Services !

August 17, 2015 by Gorilla

Thank you for visiting the Blacklist page! Here you will find an updated list of scam brokers, scam signals services and Auto Traders, as well as list of tips about how to avoid from being scammed by companies or services whom doesn’t care from you or your money.

Many scam brokers are attempting to destroy the good reputation of well established binary options brokers, so, before you attempt to register make sure to read our Binary Options Scams list carefully. If you are currently having issues with the mentioned scams brokers you can always withdraw your money and sign up with an EU regulated and recommended broker and stay safe!

A binary options scam is something anyone can avoid with the right information at the right time. Due to the amount of binary options brokers, signals services and auto traders, it is very important that you’ll know exactly who to trust and what to expect for. So, how can you, the binary options trader avoid a scam from happening to you?

1. In 2013, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), declared that all brokers involved with binary options operating within the Cyprus jurisdiction would have to apply for a CIF license. This regulation means that all EU binary options brokers who are CYSEC regulated have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that all your funds are protected through segregated accounts where your funds are kept, you get accurate market data and trading results, and have the right framework in place to protect you against any scam broker.

2. Don’t register to a broker that is from a country which does not have a strong regulatory system. There’s no any point by having the best binary options strategy if your broker is not carefully regulated. This can lead to problems with withdrawing funds, slow trading platforms that get stuck and may result in you by losing your money !!

3. It is very important to check out the broker you interesting of before you make any financial decisions. You can prevent a fixed return options scam by seeing if the broker’s platform has all the useful features necessary to your binary options strategies, responds quickly, answers your questions and offers you professional and reliable advice, our advice for you is at first trade only with your broker’s demo account.

4. Check out for different binary options testimonials about the broker you are interested of. If you find any negative testimonials or bad comments about the broker, then you’re need to be very careful about it. If, after doing all your research, you find that this binary options broker has not responded to the negative comments , then it is advisable that you reconsider registering this broker since this shows that this broker is not active in fixing problems or improving their bad reputation.

Common scams Complaints :

Here you’ll find all the main scams complaints that you should be aware of if you want to become successful in binary options trading:

1. Trustworthy binary options brokers are registered with reliable bodies and thus are transparent about their activities. If you come across a broker that lists down non-credible regulatory bodies, or is not registered with a professional body at all, then this is a scam.

2. You should be aware about the broker’s Terms & Conditions manipulation, it is very hard for you to develop any trust with any broker if they have the power to change their Terms & Conditions at any specific point they want. This is why it is essential that you look out for clauses in their Terms & Conditions that allow for retroactive changes, particularly regarding withdrawals. There are many binary options scams out there that you can avoid it only by joining to our Facebook group and subscribing to our blog posts in order to be up-to-date with the industry’s news .

3. You should also be aware that not everything is as it seems on the surface. For example, some brokers will use deposit bonuses with unfavorable small print terms to try and encourage you to join their site. It can be really frustrating if a broker promises a big registration bonus and then later you realize that you need to make two times or even three times turnover before you can have access to your bonus. So, you will have to risk two to three times the amount of your original deposit before you’ll receive your bonus.

Now, that you know how to avoid a binary options scams, Check out our best brokers page where we have listed the Top EU Regulated & Reliable Binary Options Brokers currently in the market. For example, all Porter Finance reviews are very positive and they have never been linked to any binary options scam, so you will find that they have been awarded a leading position on our list.

photo of Porter Finance

 Binary Options Scams List:

Leaked Profits1/18/17Review
Vena System1/15/17Review
Profits perpetual1/14/17Review
Market Filter1/12/17Review
Hexa Trader1/9/17Review
Nasdaq Inside Trader12/26/16Review
Tesler App12/19/16Review
Easy Daily Profits12/17/16Review
OneTouch Trade12/10/16Review
Royce Code12/6/16Review
Bahama Banker12/6/16Review
Crack Brokers11/27/16Review
Jarvis Formula11/27/16Review
Profit Replicator11/24/16Review
Aurum Tech11/21/16Review
The Cash Loophole11/21/16Review
Wall Street Focus Group11/19/16Review
Satellite Trader11/15/16Review
6 Figure Method11/14/16Review
Plenitude Formula11/13/16Review
Click Money System11/7/16Review
Onassis Alliance11/7/16Review
Profits Eternity11/5/16Review
Electoral Profits11/5/16Review
Zen Trader11/3/16Review
Zeus 210/31/16Review
Automata Formula10/26/16Review
Quantum Cash Machine10/26/16Review
Turbine XO10/25/16Review
Algo Trading Robot10/24/16Review
Cloud Track Trader10/22/16Review
Orion Code10/20/16Review
1000 Dollar Secret10/20/16Review
OptionBot 3.010/12/16Review
Shepard SDP10/12/16Review
Polygraph Millionaire10/11/16Review
Profit 4 Patriots10/10/16Review
Optical Signal Trader10/10/16Review
PrePaid Profits10/6/16Review
Charity Profits App10/5/16Review
Financial Freedom System10/4/16Review
Dream Catcher10/3/16Review
Auto Money Maker10/1/16Review
Blazing Trader9/30/16Review
Instant Cash Club9/28/16Review
The Trader App9/25/16Review
Gemini 29/25/16Review
OptiBin Robot9/23/16Review
Cash Club Millionaire9/21/16Review
Big Banks Method9/20/16Review
Terabit Trader9/19/16Review
EverGreen Formulla9/19/16Review
Pay My Vacation9/15/16Review
Power Signals9/15/16Review
Bullish University9/13/16Review
Insured Trading9/12/16Review
Scalper BOT 10009/11/16Review
Dubai Lifestyle App9/10/16Review
Ten Fold Finance9/10/16Review
Bot Plus 365 V29/8/16Review
The Centument Project 29/6/16Review
Wealth Crew App9/6/16Review
Bitcoin Money Machine9/5/16Review
Wall Street Trading Software9/4/16Review
Prizm Tech8/31/16Review
Binary Trust Method8/27/16Review
Lucrosa Software8/27/16Review
Cash Improve8/23/16Review
Option Figures8/22/16Review
My Winning System8/18/16Review
Modern Profit Professor8/18/16Review
Zero Loss Formula8/14/16Review
Brexit Bot8/11/16Review
Binary Compound System8/10/16Review
Money Mentors Club8/9/16Review
Opus Formula8/8/16Review
3Steps 2Cash Club8/5/16Review
Money Code8/5/16Review
Auto Money Machine8/3/16Review
Fast Cash Club8/1/16Review
Maximus Profits8/1/16Review
iRobot Binary Options7/31/16Review
Black Swan Technology7/28/16Review
Brooks Blueprint7/28/16Review
Cambridge Method7/27/16Review
Brexit Money Machines7/25/16Review
Market Buster7/24/16Review
Numberion Money App7/23/16Review
AlgoMaster System7/22/16Review
Dual Robot7/22/16Review
Traders Revenge7/21/16Review
Cash Formula7/20/16Review
Make Money Robot7/20/16Review
Patrick Online Money System7/19/16Review
Compound Trader7/18/16Review
Cash Capital System7/17/16Review
Pure Profits7/16/16Review
Mobile Binary Code7/15/16Review
50k a week7/13/16Review
The Profit Hack7/11/16Review
High Frequency Trader7/9/16Review
The Cobalt Code7/6/16Review
Lazy Binary System7/5/16Review
Auto Money Generator7/2/16Review
7 Figure Months6/30/16Review
Currencies Club6/30/16Review
Freedom Circle6/27/16Review
Quantum Code6/27/16Review
Unlimited Profit System6/24/16Review
Profit Protection6/23/16Review
Escape The Rat Race6/18/16Review
Click Trade App6/15/16Review
Convergence Sniper6/14/16Review
Terran Capitals6/14/16Review
Binary Master Mind6/14/16Review
NavStar Trader6/13/16Review
FinTech LTD6/8/16Review
Nesdek Inc.6/7/16Review
Mirror Trader6/6/16Review
Rocketrade and Signbinary6/6/16Review
Trusted Binary Bot6/6/16Review
Bank Tracker Bot6/4/16Review
Quick Cash Method6/3/16Review
The Alderley Code6/3/16Review
Safeguard Trader6/3/16Review
97% Partners6/1/16Review
Harrison & Woods5/30/16Review
The Azure Method5/30/16Review
Disrupt Trading5/30/16Review
Easy Wealth Creator5/29/16Review
The Maple Method5/26/16Review
The Oxford Method5/26/16Review
Midnight Money Machine5/24/16Review
GreenWood Formula5/23/16Review
Regal Wealth5/22/16Review
Rapid Income Method5/22/16Review
Profit Trigger5/19/16Review
ICE 9 Technology5/19/16Review
Perpetual Formula5/18/16Review
Neutrino Profit App5/18/16Review
Hoffman Stein5/17/16Review
Standard Oil Survey5/16/16Review
Chess Masters Code5/15/16Review
98% Success5/14/16Review
300 Millionaire5/13/16Review
The Money Glitch5/9/16Review
GPS Trader5/9/16Review
Hedge Formula Group5/5/16Review
The Midas Method5/4/16Review
Globe Traders5/4/16Review
Profits Infinity5/3/16Review
Kiwi Method5/1/16Review
Safe Cash4/30/16Review
ALIVE IN 54/26/16Review
Underdog Millionaire Pro4/24/16Review
Online Wealth Markets4/21/16Review
The Referral Project4/21/16Review
Profit Booster4/20/16Review
Free Money System4/19/16Review
Money Makers Code4/18/16Review
Quantum Income Machine4/18/16Review
WinWin Signals4/17/16Review
iMarkets Academy4/15/16Review
Auto Trader Alpha4/15/16Review
The Singapore Method4/12/16Review
The Malay Method4/12/16Review
The Italian Method4/12/16Review
Cyber System4/10/16Review
The Dutch Method4/10/16Review
The Swiss Method4/10/16Review
Lie Detector Millionaire4/10/16Review
The Irish Method4/9/16Review
Daily Trader Club4/7/16Review
Bit Options4/7/16Review
Final Algo4/7/16Review
Bo Not Bs4/4/16Review
Super Simple Bot4/4/16Review
Sleeping Money Machine4/1/16Review
The London System3/31/16Review
Drexel Code3/28/16Review
The Sydney System3/27/16Review
The Toronto System3/27/16Review
TSI System3/26/16Review
Profit Insider Pro3/26/16Review
Ninja Profits3/22/16Review
Wall Street Lifestyle3/22/16Review
Virtual Income3/21/16Review
Cloud Trader3/14/16Review
Pearson Profits App3/12/16Review
TrianaSoft Program3/12/16Review
Trade X Confidential3/9/16Review
My First Online Payday3/8/16Review
Limitless Profits3/7/16Review
Elite Millionaire Society3/4/16Review
Social Trader3/2/16Review
Grand Prix Cash3/1/16Review
Midas Touch App2/29/16Review
The Amissio Formula2/28/16Review
DeepNet Trading2/28/16Review
Thousand Dollar Days2/26/16Review
Binary Secret2/24/16Review
Altronix Trading Bot2/23/16Review
Wells Investments Ltd2/20/16Review
Oil Millionaire App2/20/16Review
Binary X Trader2/18/16Review
Alpha Money Generator2/16/16Review
QBITS Mega Profit2/15/16Review
1K Daily Profit2/14/16Review
Push Money App2/11/16Review
Your Legacy Club2/11/16Review
Social Tech Trader2/10/16Review
Quick Cash Plan2/8/16Review
Millionaire Replicator2/8/16Review
Trade Fusion Scam2/7/16Review
Gold Trade Microsystem2/7/16Review
Zulander Hack2/6/16Review
Nautilus Method2/6/16Review
Magnetic Profit2/4/16Review
Pump Trades2/2/16Review
Stark Trading 2/1/16Review
Power Profit Platform1/31/16Review
Epic Winner Software1/29/16Review
Einstein Method1/26/16Review
Binary Freedom Formula1/26/16Review
Phoenix Trading Software1/25/16Review
Coffee Shop Hackdroid1/21/16Review
Automated Cash App1/20/16Review
Global Millionaires Club1/19/16Review
Binary Matrix Pro1/14/16Review
Phenomenal Signal1/13/16Review
48 Hour Cash Code1/12/16Review
Million Dollar Months1/11/16Review
Simple Profits1/10/16Review
Insured Profits1/7/16Review
Money Maker Bot1/2/16Review
100% Profit Bot1/1/16Review
2016 Method App12/30/15Review
7 Figure Challenge12/29/15Review
Star Wars Binary Bot12/29/15Review
Secret To Success12/27/15Review
New Year Profit12/22/15Review
Guaranteed Payouts12/21/15Review
Certified Income12/21/15Review
The Canuck Method12/20/15Review
The Brit Method12/20/15Review
The Saffa Method12/19/15Review
TopCat Signal System12/18/15Review
Free Money Auto Trader12/17/15Review
Profit Magnet12/16/15Review
Platinum Profits12/15/15Review
Greg Insider Method12/15/15Review
Triple Threat Trade12/13/15Review
InstaCash app12/12/15Review
Binary Pro App12/12/15Review
Sarah’s Confession12/11/15Review
Mobile Money Millionaire12/11/15Review
Dr. Binary12/10/15Review
One Step Ahead Program12/9/15Review
The Aussie Method12/9/15Review
Bayesian Binary12/8/15Review
15k In 15 Minutes12/8/15Review
Marvins Secrets12/7/15Review
Digitized Day Trader12/7/15Review
Zero Risk Binary App12/6/15Review
Profits Now12/5/15Review
Pecunia Pact12/4/15Review
Theory Gamma12/3/15Review
Spectre System12/2/15Review
The Real Dream Maker11/29/15Review
Profit Maximizer11/26/15Review
Instant Wealth11/24/15Review
Holiday Cash Bot11/23/15Review
Cash Crew11/22/15Review
Passive Profits11/22/15Review
Millionaire Trader Biz11/21/15Review
Dollars All Day11/19/15Review
Millionaire Dream11/17/15Review
Auto Trader Profit11/15/15Review
Mockingbird Method11/15/15Review
First Class Profits11/12/15Review
Crazy ATM11/12/15Review by Rami Nasri11/10/15Review
Profits Today11/9/15Review
Master Sniper Trading11/8/15Review
Millionaire Shield11/7/15Review
Prof. Hansen App11/5/15Review
Binary Option Robot11/4/15Review
Profit Shield System11/3/15Review
Coffee Cash Cheat11/1/15Review
Profit Stackers Software11/1/15Review
Perfect Profits Software10/29/15Review
Real Profits Software10/26/15Review
Currency Code Counter10/25/15Review
Lucky Rich Kid App10/25/15Review
The Samaritan System10/22/15Review
Mega Profix Software10/20/15Review
Fast Profits Software10/20/15Review
Lifestyle Payments Software10/14/15Review
The Banker Profit System10/12/15Review
$100M Dollar Club App10/11/15Review
Global Profits App10/8/15Review
5k Daily Profit Club10/8/15Review
The binary Profi10/7/15Review
The Bonus Busters App10/7/15Review
18 Minutes Software10/6/15Review
Push Button Salary Software10/3/15Review
Binary Reserve System10/1/15Review
The Millionaires Maker App10/1/15Review
Binary Backdoor9/30/15Review
Million Dollar Duplicator9/30/15Review
Kill Binary Signals Software9/28/15Review
Fast Cash Biz App9/28/15Review
Direct Profits System9/25/15Review
Spider Profit App9/25/15Review
Automated Binary System9/24/15Review
Prime Analyst System9/22/15Review
Overnight Profits Software9/21/15Review
Secret Algo Bot9/20/15Review
The Pearson Method9/19/15Review
Auto Profit Signals9/18/15Review
Harvard Signals Application9/17/15
Worldwide Domination9/16/15
Infinite Binary Profits9/15/15
Protected Profits and Fisher Method9/14/15
Binary Interceptor and Robot Binario9/13/15
The Secret Millionaires9/12/15
Guaranteed Profits9/9/15
Profit Genius9/8/15
The Millionaire Bot9/7/15
Golden Binary Profits and Professor Andersen9/5/15
Insiders Information9/3/15
Stock Market JackPot9/3/15
Monaco Millionaire8/23/15
Copy The Pro8/22/15
Flip my binary account8/21/15

Thank you for reading our binary options scam review. If you have been attacked by one of the services mentioned above or by a scam broker, please let us know and send us a private message through our Facebook group or by email at Remember to visit our trusted services page in order to protect yourself from being scammed. And if you are completely new to binary options trading, open a free demo account and start practicing without risking your money, then when you feel ready to trade by your own knowledge and skills open real trading account with a reputable broker. Cheers!

photo of Copy Buffett scam services

79 thoughts on “Binary Options Scam Services !

  1. Hi BOG, I am intersted to know what is your opinion of Binary Basis Managed Accounts which uses Apple-Options broker.

    • Hi James,
      We do not recommend to trade with this service, as we are receiving complaints from traders regarding losing trades and deposits.
      If you are interested in trading safely please comment below and we will guide you properly.

  2. and are both scams. They said I could not withdrawal and funds until 4 months of trading and the day before the 4 month they drained my account of $338k and my dads account of $200k all within 10 hours. The site happens to be “under repair” and by the time we got an email saying it was back up they made 3,000 trades in 10 hours draining our account. We had no access while this was going on. Both companies are a complete fraud.

    • Hey Bob,
      As i can see in the system, you have assigned with Binary Online as your broker. The broker is good and honest, and pays withdrawals up to 5 business days.
      Let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. Hi there, I’m SO glad I came across your website.

    I keep receiving dumb E-Mails from a site called The Enigma Code?

    When I saw it called by a DIFFERENT name and one you just exposed as a fraud yesterday, I knew I was right.

    Can you do one on this one with the phone number 1-702-359-0390, I keep receiving phone calls from them and never answer.

  4. A friend of mine is loosing usd 10.000, plus- through Titan trade UK, doctors and/professors running the company (???) and their trading section seems to be a jock. Admin is unbeliveable .. “Gorillas action is needed” my friend needs help!

  5. HI, my questions are I want to trade with Nadex and Tradorax can your BOG please tell me with signals either free or paid can trade with both traders? Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    I just signed up for Copy Buffett and i got Option Bit as my broker, i havent deposited any money yet. is the option bit a good broker?

  7. thank you very much, interesting because ZE binary signals auto trade says that you never lose the inicial deposit and you can also freeze your account anytime you want, and they also have a big win rate on their historical of trades. i would i appreciate if you give me the link where your subscibers make their comment about this service because on the review pages their aren’t any negative comments about it, and i am also starting the free trial period!

    • Hey Victor,
      Most of the traders are emailing us privately so we cannot provide you with their emails…. but we do recommend that you’ll keep our advice and stay as far away as you can from services like this. Feel free to email us at if you have more questions.

    • Hey Victor,
      Some of our subscribers have already reported us about losses right after starting to trade with real money. Let us know if you have more questions.

  8. hi guys signed up with neo2 and bloombex traders,havent started yet,read some great things about neo2 but not much about bloombex ????? any info oh and thanks for all that u guys are doing….well done

    • Hey Mohamad,
      We do not recommend to trade with this service, you can find it in our blacklist page too. However if you’re interested to trade with a reliable service, please visit our top recommended signals page. Cheers!

  9. I tried to register with a reliable binary option plan but I got a computer reply requesting me to change my email with another email. Is there anything abnormal in here as I have to exit from my current email log-in to the new email for me to get the return mail? If it is normal, what would be my response?

  10. HI,

    i have signed with Neo2 and was assigned a broker Tradorax.I have 3 questions before I fund the account:
    1)Is it true that to trade with a robot you will need to join a meta trader?
    2)If so, which meta trader is the best(I need to sign up with another auto trader(robot) and use the same meta trader on both robots)?
    3)Are there brokers or robots with built-in meta trader software?


    • Hi William,
      What do you mean “meta trader”?
      All you need to do is to open a trading account and to fund it with the broker you assigned with.

    • Hey,
      We’re familiar with this broker, they mostly work in the automated services niche, they are legit as far as we know. Plus, their withdrawals can take up to 5 business days to come.

  11. Hi

    Wanted to know about binaryroom365 I just signed up with Binadroid can you help on this, there are no review about this broker. Thank you

  12. Hello i am curious about the super simple bot and if it is a scam or not i cant seem to find any proof of it being one nore not being a scam, i did notice someone else asked about it but you were saying its a scam but at the same time you were calling it neo2 and since they were both different sites i was wondering you you could email me some actual proof of it being a scam and what bot you guys would feel gives better profits by using auto trading software thanks in advance.

  13. I would like to know if a robot called is legit as well as brokers and One two trade. Com

  14. Hi there,
    I tried to register with NEO2, however I was given UKoptions as a broker. I’ve done my research and I am not happy with that choice of a broker. Is any chance to change this? If so how? It appears that this is the only option available as NEO2 website doesn’t have a list to choose from.

  15. Hello can I use a reputable and trusted regulated broker to trade with the Copy Buffet Software?

    • Hi, Empire Option is a broker firm that mostly offers its services to an automated services. Up until now we have not encountered with illegal issues about them. In which service have you found them sivakumar ?

  16. I opened an account with Copy Buffet they alloted me a trader called
    TRADORAX not at all regulated and have seen lot of complaints about them.
    I am already stuck with a broker called Inside Option i am unable to withdraw my profits since 2015 the withdrawal is cancelled automatically and it appears the same with TRADORAX. Can you please help me?
    Thank You

    • Hi Henri!
      I am not agree with you this time, Tradorax is a great broker, and we trade with them too. It’s true that they are not regulated, but, the reason for this is because they accept USA traders. Besides, when you withdraw profits from Tradorax they are super fast, for us it takes up to 4 business days. You can fund your trading account with Tradorax and rest assure that you are on a good hands.

  17. Hello,
    I tried Copy Buffet software but they offer me only Bloombex as broker. Excluding this broker is not regulated and is on the black list of AMF. How is it possible and how to have another broker? Thank’s for your answer.

  18. trying to join buffet program but broker info does not come up also the recommended broker vision binary is reported as a scam on a google search don’t know if u can help but thought u would like to know any help would be appreciated thk u

  19. Any newest update about copy buffett software ?
    How about the performance of this software in this week ?
    Does it still give consistent result in this week ?
    Thank you.

  20. Hi,
    i am interested in using the UFX trade software , but i am uncertain about the reviews which i have been gone through in Google , could you please advise me the best trading services

  21. Hi BOG I have traded unfortunately with the Certified Income before i read your review. I made a mistake and deposited their $250 and right after i have started to trade the software executed almost 20 trades and i lost most of them. Eventually i lost all of my money and i am really sorry for this mistake. However, i have used Virtnext after you guys guided me and helped me a lot and now i have a consistent daily income. So, i just wanted to thank you guys!

  22. I am interested in using Gold Digger software but I am uncertain about the brokers they are recommending—Bloomex, Option FM, Interactive Options and Beeoptions.

    I would be very appreciative to learn whether any of these are trustworthy and dependable.

    Many thanks,
    Michael Roe

    • Hey Michael,
      Gold Digger is a great service for traders who love to trade commodities. The brokers are good with a great costumer support. Our subscribers have great results with this service. I’m sure you will have too. Please let me know if you have more questions about it.

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