Binary Compound System is a SCAM!! BCS software Honest Review!!

Binary Compound System Review!

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The Binary Compound System by Harold Crowells is a new fully automated software in the binary options industry, and if you search for information about this auto trader in this moment, you’ve probably already heard the names ‘BCS software’ and ‘Magnetic Effect Method’ that practically associated with this system. Don’t get us wrong, this so-called auto trading tool that allegedly aims to charge your trading account with none less than thousands of dollars each day, every day, is nothing but a lousy scam. Therefore, in this warning scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the misleading information and bogus ‘testimonials’ that we have been told during this presentation in order to do our best with tons of efforts to prevent innocent traders from falling for this vicious trap.

A moment of truth…

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So, what is all about???

Harold Crowells was claiming to be the owner and head developer of the Binary Compound System, a fully automated trading tool that also know known as ‘BCS software’ and that allegedly based on the Magnetic Effect Method. He said during this presentation that the meaning of the “Magnetic Effect Method” in the binary options field, as well as in whole of the financial market is to provide a bigger and constant trend to traders by creating one. He also mentioned that he built his program to work perfectly on a regular basis, depends on that trading method, which could easily help most successful traders in the world consistently beat the market.

Binary Compound System photoHarold Crowells who???

During this promotional video, the voice narrator has claimed to be named Harold Crowells, the developer of the system as we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph. He said that in his prior job back then in 2012 he was actually working as an investment banker at one of the largest investment firms in the US, and that he worked with some of the biggest investors in the financial market. And while taking care of his clients, he was taking care of himself by making personal copies of every single document in order to analyze the whole of this data and to understand where all of this money goes. He then discovered that the common sense of all of his successful clients was that they’re all were using the Magnetic Effect Method.

Why we’re CLAIMING Binary Compound System SCAM!

Reason #1:

First things first, the whole of this production will might convince you or any other newbie trader in his first steps in the industry, but for us, it’s pretty obvious convinced as a pure scam! Harold Crowells is literally NOT a real person who’s in charged on the website, but a group of scammers who created a voice-narrator-based website in order to lead beginners into their second page, which is of course, a sales page where you are aimed to register with one of their brokers. Other than that, we have already tried to track his identity in some popular networks like Google+, Facebook and even LinkedIn, and needless to say that the results have shown nothing but scam reviews on page 1 and 2 on the search results.

Binary Compound System photoReason #2:

During the presentation, Herold was claiming that he has started using the Binary Compound System with an initial investment of only $250 and after only 6 months, he has made over $100,000 in pure profit. Well, if you are an expert trader who knows the industry and trade binary options for a year or two, you should know that earning this kind of money within a few months, is pretty much unattainable goal which won’t happen in any case. As a proof, you are more than welcome to read our Copy Buffett App latest review, there you can see that profiting more than +/- $800 a day is not a realistic option.

Binary Compound System photoReason #3:

Scrolling down on the website and you will be encountered with a “real testimonials” section, which there we supposed to meet their real and active traders who’re making thousands of dollars per day, right? So, have a look at the provided evidence below, and see how far from reality those ‘traders’ are…

“Very successful” trader #1:  

Binary Compound System photo

“Very successful” trader #2:

Binary Compound System photo

Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Trading binary options could be a much-rewarding opportunity for online investors who want to make a legitimate extra income from the comfort of their home. But, yes, there is a big but, if you take a wrong decision and will throw away your hard earned cash on a complete junk system like the Binary Compound System A.K.A BCS Software, you will be losing it all in the blink of an eye, without a shadow of a doubt!

Gorilla’s verdict: Binary Compound System is a SCAM!!

With that been said….

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Binary Compound System photoThere are many other fraud systems out there like the Money Mentors Club, Opus Formula and the Fast Cash Club. Therefore, be sure to visit our blacklist page to be up-to-date with the latest scam services in the industry. Moreover, make sure to subscribe to our blog posts and rest assured to stay informed with the most reliable information in the market right into your mailbox on a regular basis!

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