BinaDroid App SCAM Review!! Reliable Robot or Fraud?!

BinaDroid Robot SCAM Review!

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A new auto trading robot in the industry is the BinaDroid App by the creator Troy Everett. A binary options robot that has been officially released this morning in the financial market and available for day traders and new investors in the binary options industry from all over the world and without any restrictions on GEO locations (like Nigeria and India). In this BinaDroid SCAM review, we will be revealing the most valuable information that we have managed to figure out during the demonstration video at and through our internal connection in the industry. The BinaDroid app by Troy Everett is a new automated service which seems to be legit and NOT linked to a fraud or any other money making scheme. So, if you are a binary options investor who looking for a trusted service that will execute trades on your behalf and, on the other hand, will improve your daily income, the BinaDroid Robot seems to be the right legitimate trading solution for you!

photo of BinaDroidTroy Everett is the creator of the BinaDroid App, a new auto trading robot that has been launched this morning in the financial market. During the video presentation at, Troy Everett has revealed his tough life story from his prior job at a leading company in the British market. Due to an agreement violation from their party, he decided to quit his job as a head analyst and a strategies developer. His motivation to leave was that the firm he used to work with sold his automated robot to big tycoons and private investors for large sums of money without sharing with him his revenue, moreover, they have changed its name and completely destroyed his reputation in the market.

Nowadays, the BinaDroid App is offered for free for only 150 new investors from the binary options industry who interested to join Troy Everett and his new automated software. The BinaDroid Robot is a web-based trading software that automates the process of binary options trading and actually based on Android technology with a combination of social media platforms’ researching. Troy Everett developed an algorithm that’s able to sort out two types of information, first, overall sentiment based on what most people think, talk and share in the financial market, this is a huge advantage because when you know what most traders are thinking and planning to do next you then have an important edge over others. The second type of data actually tracks the most accurate information from the most performing traders which by a built-in ranking system calculates past performance and compares strategies with his own methods.

photo of BinaDroidOther than that, the auto trader is available worldwide without any restrictions for GEO locations, which means that even day traders from Nigeria, India and the Philippines will be available to trade and to start profiting using the BinaDroid Robot. Moreover, the software executes trades with up to 88% winning rate which is very high compare to many other trusted signals services in the market, however, we will keep testing and tracking its results and will update you with the most accurate performance within the next weeks.

The BinaDroid App has many other interesting and very important features besides that they accept all GEO locations. The support center is available 24/7 for its member traders for every question and query you might have along the, you can reach them via email at and they will be more than happy to serve you. In addition, at the sign-up stage, you will be able to choose the broker, depending on your location on the map. And the last advantage, some traders will say the most important one, is that you will be able to execute trades with a minimum amount of none less than $5 per trade with 1, 3 and 5 minutes of trades which is a huge advantage on many other services, especially if you take into consideration to check things first and limiting your losses trades to only $5.

Here is our BinaDroid Robot summery with the most relevant information for new investors:

1. BinaDroid App available everywhere, without restrictions!

2. Costumer support available at and will serve you faithfully 24/7!

3. Minimum amount per trade is only $5!

4. Available with 1, 3 and 5 minutes of trades!

5. Up to 88% ITM performance!

How to sign up with BinaDroid App?

1. Clear your browser cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to avoid problems during the registration process.

2. Enter your real name and Email HERE to open your trading account based on your details.

3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker.

4. Start trading and profiting with the BinaDroid Robot!

photo of BinaDroidThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

After a tough month, full of scam services that joined to our industry, we are finally glad to review the BinaDroid Robot, an automated service that definitely NOT linked to a fraud or any other money making scheme! The BinaDroid App is a very promising auto trading software that without a shadow of a doubt will improve your financial situation for the better! Furthermore, as mentioned above, this auto trader is available worldwide, so even if you are a newbie trader from Nigeria or India you are finally more than welcome to join and to make automated profits with a trusted system! For more reliable services you can visit our top recommended signals services list and be sure to trade with the best!

Gorilla’s verdict: The BinaDroid App is a trusted Robot!

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