BinaDroid Performance Review! Proven & Tested Review!

BinaDroid App Performance Review

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We have initially reviewed the BinaDroid software this week and have already concluded that this AutoTrader is not a scam or linked to any fraud service / company. The complete opposite, in our BinaDroid scam review we have demonstrated and proved that this signals service is a trusted and reputable that have taken care of day traders from countries that weren’t allowed to participate in the auto trading services industry because of regulatory bureaucracy. Likewise, in this BinaDroid performance review, we will be revealing our general experience depending on a few days of extensive trading sessions, will provide you with most effective tips on how to use the software with the most efficient strategy and much more interesting details on general. So. If you are a new investor in the binary options industry, that live in countries like USA, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines and many other countries that were blocked up until now to the automated services’ industry and willing to make legitimate money online, you are most welcome to read this review!

photo of BinaDroidAs you already know from our initial review, the BinaDroid App is a very user-friendly automated service that Troy Everett and his developers team have taken care of many important issues in order to ease our life and make them much comfortable and profitable than they were before. First, through the registration process you will be able to choose which broker you want to trade with, depending on your geographic location of course. This is a great service that will help the new investor right from the beginning by choosing his/her favorite brokerage service. And as we mentioned before, the BinaDroid software is available WoldWide!!

Moreover, minimum investment per trade is usually about $25. However, the BinaDroid App developers have decided to change the rules and to facilitate our life. Therefore, beginner trader is able now to choose whether to trade with a minimum investment as little as $5 and up to $250 which is the maximum per trade. During our trading sessions this week we have traded with a few variation in order to check the BinaDroid App, whether it works the same with an investment of $25 per trade as well as with $5 per trade. The results, honestly were the same and there was no impact or change on trade quality, means that if you choose to trade with $5 or with another amount your success is guaranteed.

photo of BinaDroidWe have 2 more things to discuss in this BinaDroid App performance review: Time period of each trade and a very interesting feature that gives you the power to control your profits! We will start first with the time periods per trade, another interesting tool that was added to the BinaDroid interface in order to give the trader the power to choose how to trade and to take full control on his trades. Likewise, you will be able to choose whether to execute trades with 60 seconds (1 min), 180 seconds (3 min) and 300 seconds (5 min). During our trading sessions this week we have traded with all variations and results were literally the same. However, we do prefer to trade with a low risk, and therefore, most of our trades were based on 300 seconds.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to use the most interesting feature called “How many positions would you like to take”, we weren’t familiar with this kind of feature with automated services up until we have started trading with the BinaDroid App. This unique option gives you the power to choose whether to execute one trade or two per session. Means that if you trade with a low risk, like we do with 300 seconds per trade and limiting your minimum amount per trade to $15, you will then be getting two trades or one up to your preferences settings. We have no doubt that with these unique opportunities, you will have the most powerful trading vehicle to trade with, you can visit this review for more settings explanations and most important is that with the BinaDroid App you have the power in your hand!

To sign up with BinaDroid App click HERE

photo of BinaDroidIf you are a complete newbie trader we have no doubt that using this automated service will make a significant change in your trading life! The BinaDroid is a most profitable trading vehicle, full of interesting features and great customer support. We support this auto trader and have added it to our Top recommended signals services page as well.

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