Bahama Banker is a SCAM Operation! Beware of a REAL Fraud!

Bahama Banker Scam Review!

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Hold on before you fall for the Bahama Banker fraud! This offer by Herald Beckman is the newest SCAM system in the industry that has come up a couple of hours ago and is started gaining some popularity amongst email marketers who want to earn some commissions on poor people’s back. We therefore have decided to review this Bahama Banker junk software as soon as possible in order to help binary options traders and preventing innocent people from falling for this vicious trap. As such, make sure to follow our fully detailed review before you go any further and take wrong action that will lead you to lose your hard earned money.

Bahama Banker photoHerald Beckman has been claiming to be the CEO and creator of the Bahama Banker software. He also mentioned that he is a private banker in the Bahamas for almost 12 years now and that he had clients involved in “dirty businesses”, but as well he has had respectable businessmen and politicians in his lists. He also mentioned that quite recently, there is a humongous flow of binary options traders moving their accounts to the Bahamas. Regardless to his private biography, we have been told that using the Bahama Banker bot will benefit your trading account with at least $1250 per day on complete automated mode with a 100% risk free software that has been developed by the principles of executing trades in a fraction of a second.

Bahama Banker photoWe hope that needless to mention at this point that we have been fed with a whole bunch of lies and incorrect details about the financial industry. Not only this misleading information that is bothering us, but also the fact that that we are dealing with a group of scammers who have built up a website full of unreliable facts, including its “member’s area” which based on bogus identities and stolen pictures, just as you can clearly see at the picture below this paragraph.

Bahama Banker photoAn awkward issue is that Herald Beckman was claiming that the Bahama Banker software has already over 10k members in their team of BO traders who use it on a daily basis and even profiting from it at least $1250 per day. However, when we have turned into checking their domain age credibility we honestly weren’t surprised to find out that it is just a 3 months old and has officially been registered on 2016-09-02… So, how exactly Mr. Beckman has recruited over 10 thousand members to his team within 3 months? Doesn’t make sense at all!

Additionally, if you have been trading binary options for a while you should already know that there is no such thing as trading with a 100% risk free software that never loses trades. Moreover, how come that our fella is claiming that the Bahama Banker app has an outstanding 96% winning ratio on one hand, and on the other hand is saying that the software is a 100% risk free? Not only that this does not make sense, it is not impossible as well. First, when a software is generating trades with 96% accuracy, it means that you will win 96 trades out of 100 trades in total, means that you are losing 4 trades, right? So, hopefully it makes sense to you.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

So what we have had so far? Phony identities based on stolen pictures, lies, incorrect details about the financial market, and much more. We therefore encourage you guys to stay as far away as you can from this shameful system that has been created to drain your account in the blink of an eye. Other than that, the Bahama Banker software is definitely not a genuine trading tool that will be in your favor and will help you get winning trades, but the complete opposite. Nonetheless, we have no other option but to officially conclude that this robot is nothing but a fraudulent operation that was created to harm your financial situation!

Gorilla’s verdict: Bahama Banker is a scam!!

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