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Before you take an action and deposit your hard earned savings into the Auto Money Maker software platform by Arthur McCool, make sure to read our highly important warning scam review, to realize how close you were to join the statistics of people who have scammed in the binary options industry! Unfortunately, if you read these lines, you have already received a promotional email by one of their email marketers who tries to get his commissions on your back. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, and your money, be sure to follow our review till the very end, and be rest assured to trade safely with a top recommended auto trader, instead of this piece of bogus junk.

Auto Money Maker photoThe Auto Money Maker website is literally a “copy & paste” site, a complete imitation of the old Auto Money Machine system, another fraudulent software that we already blacklisted 2 months ago. And if you read our scam review, you will be able to see the same video presentation, with the alleged owner, Mr. Arthur McCool who claims that his most innovative auto trader has made him none less than 2.7 million dollars in the past 12 months. Indeed a deplorable situation though, and therefore, we have no other choice but to upload this exposing scam review, and to warn binary options traders and online investors who interested in trading with the Auto Money Maker app.

Auto Money Maker photoAs mentioned, the video presentation is exactly the same one as the old scam, based on lies and misleading information about how the Auto Money Maker software can generate trades with up to 92% winning ratio while its algorithm is executing trades only when it knows that they are going to win with a probability of none less than 99% accuracy, and that you have nothing to worry about losing money with this auto trader. Not only that by Arthur, the creator of AutoTrader you won’t be losing money, but you will be making at least $2000 a day. However, if you watched this video for the first time, you probably noticed that during this presentation there were some people who provided their testimonials about the software, right? One of them was Nichola who’s been claiming that the software generates for him $2000 per week, while above the pitch video frame you vividly can see that they are claiming and promising daily revenues of at least $2765 a day…

Likewise, if you are an online trader for a while now, you know without a shadow of a doubt that even if you trade binary options with the most powerful robot available in the marketplace, you won’t be able to earn $2765 per day, and if to be honest, not even half of it. In most cases, expert traders, as well as newbies who take the right decision, will be earning up to +/- $900 a day, and that only if they use a top rated system that has nothing to do with any kind of fraud or money making scheme. However, when you visit the Auto Money Maker website, the only thing that you will be encountered with (except the copied video) is unattainable promise of making more than two thousands of dollars on a regular basis, a thing that is not going to happen in the near future!

Auto Money Maker photoAnd last topic before we are heading into a sharp conclusion is their fake “Real Time Trades” section on the second page. If you decide to enter your email address and to be forwarded to their registration page on the 2nd page, you will be encountered this time with a faked leaderboard that allegedly shows their open trades. However, if you look at the date column, you will be able to see that the dates are from weeks ago (16th of September), and the funny thing is that those trades are still “open”??? Needless to mention that real and trusted auto trader doesn’t work with two weeks trades, but with 60-300 seconds trades or 10 minutes in most cases, and here you go… another proof that we are dealing with an unreliable and rigged system that aims to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

There are many vicious operations on the internet, available in order to steal your money as soon as you deposit. The Auto Money Maker is a proven scam system that was created by a group of scammers who want to commit a fraud on your back! Furthermore, it has brought to our attention by few of our loyal subscribers that their advertisers and online promoters have already started to send their shady invitation emails to their lists in the last couple of days, so, before you take any further action, make sure to follow our points and to realize that we are dealing with a complete dangerous and stealing system.

Gorilla’s verdict: Auto Money Maker is a SCAM!!!

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Auto Money Maker photoSeeking for a reliable alternative to trade with? If your answer is a BIG yes, then we encourage you to read our CodeFibo App results review! This auto trader is the most accurate trading tool in the industry, created and programmed by Professor Matthew Lewis and generates its 87% accuracy trades by the principles of the Fibonacci indicator and the Golden ratio. Nonetheless, if you yet want to read more reviews about other tried and tested services in the market, you are more than welcome to visit our top recommended signals services page, and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the map!

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