Auto Money Machine is a Lousy SCAM!! Warning Review!!

Auto Money Machine Scam Review!

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The Auto Money Machine software by Arthur McCool is a pure SCAM and in this scam review, we will be exposing the whole of these lies and unreliable information we have been told during this promotional video. This bogus auto trader is completely fake and has nothing to do in the financial markets, you are definitely not going to become a millionaire overnight and obviously not going to earn thousands of dollars per day. Unfortunately, this money making scheme is extremely promoted by email marketers who are blasting email accounts of online investors and binary options traders with an aim to earn their fat commissions on your back. Therefore, if you have already received an ‘invitation’ to your mailbox, make sure to read our full scam review till its very end, and stay safe!

Auto Money Machine photoThe voice narrator on the website has claimed to be named Arthur McCool, a multi-millionaire who made over 2.7 million dollars in the past 12 months, only by activating his auto trading software. Furthermore, he said that the Auto Money Machine is an innovative robot that was developed and designed by him and that he has already 387 active users from all around the world with a NET profit of over 6 million dollars since he launched his program. Additionally, we have also been told that this money machine was designed to generate thousands of dollars per day, and as one of his participants, you will be making none less than $2765 a day on complete auto pilot mode with an unbelievably 99% winning ratio.

Auto Money Machine photoFrankly, we have no shadow of a doubt that people who visited the Auto Money Machine website already know that we are dealing with a fraud. However, due to the deplorable fact that many advertisers are promoting this website by sending emails to traders or by many other promotional ways, we have decided to upload our warning review as soon as we could. First things first, we have no idea who Arthur McCool is and which company he promotes. During this presentation, he was claiming to be a multi-millionaire who designed the Auto Money Machine software. However, due to our investigation, we are talking about nothing but a nonexistent person and a phony identity who has been created by scammers in order to manipulate traders with misleading information. His identity was faked and created only for that purpose, moreover, we couldn’t find any piece of information related to him on Google or on any other social media platform.

Auto Money Machine photoOther than that, the website was initially registered on 2016-03-26, means 5 months ago. And by ‘Arthur McCool’, our nonexistent fella, he has over 387 active users who trade on his platform and that their NET profit is over 6 million dollars since he launched the Auto Money Machine (5 months ago). Really? So, we literally don’t think so, and if to go straight to the facts, no one can make this kind of money! Not in the binary options industry, nor in the Forex niche. Moreover, earning thousands of dollars a day with an automated trading tool is practically unattainable goal. So, although Mr. Owner was claiming of making $2765 per day, you shouldn’t believe to it. On a good note, trading binary options could be a much rewarded thing if you open a trading account with a licensed and registered company that aims to recruit new members to the long run. Basically, if you take the right decision and trade legally and ethically with a top auto trader, you could easily earn a reputable daily income on a daily basis with up to +/- 85% Itm performance that will help you to upgrade and update your portfolio.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Auto Money Machine is NOT a genuine system in the industry, a pure scam that was created by mean people who aim to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye. The website is fake and presents unreal facts that all of them based on lies and misleading information without any proof. Besides, as a rule of thumb, make sure to understand that becoming a millionaire overnight or next month is definitely not going to happen in the near future, and people who claiming otherwise are nothing but liars. Regrettably, this so-called ‘auto trader’ has nothing to do with trading, and to make it worse, it is becoming extremely viral due to a blast of email marketers and media buyers who want to make their fat commissions on newbie traders’ back! We therefore have no other choice but to warn you folks from these bastards!

Gorilla’s verdict: Auto Money Machine is a SCAM!!

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As a beginner trader, make sure to stay on the safe side of the industry and to trade only with tested & trusted services that have already been proven as reliable and profitable! Furthermore, if you are a complete newbie, we reckon that you want to learn the basics of the binary options methods, and how to become an independent trader who trades on his own. Therefore, as for step 1, we recommend that you will open a trading account with a reputable broker that will save your money and will provide you with high returns on your profits, as well as long list of assets to trade on and an outstanding customer support available 24/5 for you. Alternatively, traders who interested in upgrading and updating their daily income, are more than welcome to read our latest review on the well-known BinaDroid 2.0 by Troy Everett.

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