Aurum Tech is a SCAM!!! A Real Fraudulent Software Review!!

Aurum Tech Scam Review!

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The Aurum Tech app by Marco Shoemaker is another new auto trading software in the binary options industry which has been shown up a couple of hours ago with enormous promises like making you a millionaire overnight with a fake and unreal production involved. Regrettably, this offer is going viral among beginner investors and binary options traders who seek for a legitimate service to trade on in the industry. We therefore have decided to warn you guys ASAP with our fully transparent scam review, in order to help the beginner traders of you from falling for this horrible trap! So, before you go any further and plan on taking financial decisions, make sure to read our fully transparent warning review, and trade safe!

Aurum Tech photoMarco Shoemaker was claiming to be the CEO and head developer of the Aurum Tech software. He said that he created the auto trader with a professional team of ex Wall Street employees, programmers and engineers, in order to create the most innovative trading tool on the financial market. Marco has mentioned that the robot he created is simply connected to the stock markets, and analyzes the commodities reports and generates winning trades each and every day on your behalf, and as a result, the Aurum Tech app could provide you with a highly profitable trades it finds in a given trading day. Nonetheless, we have also been told by Mr. Shoemaker that new members will be generating thousands of dollars per day, every day, for free.

Aurum Tech photoBefore we go any further, please have a look at our Mirror Trader review. We reckon that you won’t be in shocked to find out that the same paid actor who promotes the Mirror Trader is now the “owner” of the Aurum Tech, right? There, “Marco Shoemaker” is actually Mr. John Harrison who advertises the other scam by claiming the same bogus promises of making thousands of dollars per day, and even that you will become a millionaire within months from today… Frankly, exposing this issue about the Aurum Tech owner is without a shadow of a doubt a good enough reason to flag this offer as a dangerous fraud. However, we will continue with our scam review and will mention our further reasons as for why we have no doubt that funding your Aurum account will cause you an unwanted loss of money and a huge headache.

Aurum Tech photoDuring this demonstration video, we were encountered with other issues that should let you know properly that we are dealing with a scam. First, if you scroll down on the, you will be able to see that guy in the picture below, who’s allegedly supposed to be one of the traders who make trucks load of cash with the Aurum Tech, right?  Well, as you can vividly see, this guy is nothing but a stolen picture from the search engine and an unreal identity which has been created by the scammers who stand behind this website with an aim to manipulate innocent people with an unreliable information in order to steal their hard earned money.

Aurum Tech photoOther than that, profiting thousands of dollars per day or becoming a millionaire within months from today is NOT going to happen in the near future, especially NOT in the binary options industry, even if you trade with the most accurate software available on the market that based on a registered and legitimate license! Moreover, trading safely with a trustworthy autotrader, does not mean that you are on your way for financial freedom, not at all! Trading with a proven tool is a highly recommended option that will benefit your trading account with reliable profits on a regular basis. However, you still have to find the estimated time frame to work hard and to learn how the financial market works if you seriously want to make a significant change and to upgrade your monthly income.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Regrettably, we haven’t heard yet about an industry involves with making money online that does not include fraudulent activities. Having said that, you will have to take the right decision before you invest your money into one of the services on the binary options market. Therefore, make sure to stay as far away as you can from the Aurum Tech app, a bogus offer that will drain your trading account in the blink of an eye. As mentioned, this offer has nothing to do with binary options trading, and take into consideration that you are not going to turn into a millionaire overnight and that we have no other choice but to flag this deceptive program as a complete fraud that has to be banned as soon as possible by CySec!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Aurum Tech is a SCAM!!!

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