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Brandon Graham, the alleged owner of the ALIVE IN 5 SCAM software is nothing but an actor as well as all the others on the set (Even the paid actor homeless…). He was claiming that you will be making at least $1000 in 5 minutes, and 5 figures income a day, every day with his AutoTrader software, and we reckon that you will be losing your entire deposit in a matter of hours. In this ALIVE IN 5 SCAM review, we will be exposing this bogus service based on many complaints that we have already received from disappointed investors who lost their money. So, if you are one of those people who received their “special” invitation email to join to their “phenomenal” service, be sure to read our full scam review till the very end, and stay safe!

ALIVE IN 5 photoThe whole of the presentation of the ALIVE IN 5 on is based on an enormous budget that was allowed the creators to hire a group of professional actor folks, expensive villa and luxurious cars! Don’t let those bunch of criminals make fools of you guys, those “Hollywood” style productions with phony promises of earning $1000 or more in 5 minutes are extremely dangerous and will definitely drain your trading account as soon as you deposit. Moreover, during the presentation there were a lot of misleading issues that we are about to expose in a moment, and not to mention that we have witnessed of people who lost their entire investment in a matter of hours.

When you enter the ALIVE IN 5 website you will be encountered only with a video presentation and nothing more… Frankly, their website is smooth and clean, but this is thus far their only positive point that they have got from us. Brandon Graham has been claiming during this 30 minutes presentation that he looks for 25 random people from all walks of life and from all over the world in order to change their lives for the better with his sophisticated algorithmic auto trader. Likewise, he said that everyone can make millions from using his software, besides, he repeated himself few times, again and again by saying that this is a limited offer only and that the ALIVE IN 5 App will be live up until he reaches the 25 participants.

ALIVE IN 5 photoIn the binary options industry, we can assure you guys two things. First, you will not become a millionaire overnight, means that there is no such thing earning $1000 in five minutes or 5 figures a day, you can forget that. Even the most powerful auto trader in the market can’t get those numbers in a matter of 24 hours. For example, the Copy Buffett software is able to work with an impressive accurate ratio of up to 86% even in the toughest days in the market and still to help you generating an average daily income of plus minus $900… And secondly, you can rest assure that when the main actor, the alleged Brandon Graham, says that he will be shutting down his website when he finally reaches the 25 signups is a pure lie… Those unreal promises are nothing but rough lies that have been created in order to manipulate newcomer traders by telling them “hurry up” before you lose your way for wealthy.

We, at, are a group of binary options traders, highly connected to the industry and being reported by traders about their success as well as failures each and every day. Be sure to know that you won’t be making any legitimate profit at all by using the ALIVE IN 5 auto trader. The complete opposite, just like many other novice traders like you who already lost their fortune. However, the binary options niche could be much rewarded than trading with a service like the ALIVE IN 5 software. Make sure to visit our top recommended list of best signals services in the industry and rest assure to trade with the most reliable services that you can get in return for your investment. Needless to say that those services are recommended and tested by hundreds if not thousands of day traders all over the world! Furthermore, subscribe to our blog in order to get the most relevant information about new trusted services as well as scam services in the market right into your mailbox on a daily basis, and stay safe!

Gorilla’s verdict: The ALIVE IN 5 App is a SCAM!!!

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ALIVE IN 5 photoInvestors who interested in trading binary options by their own skills are more than welcome to visit our top recommended brokers page and to read our reviews about trusted and tested brokers in the industry. Furthermore, if you are a USA resident, we recommend that you will open your trading account with Nadex, the only LEGAL and fully CFTC regulated broker that is actually based in the US.

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