Algo Trading Robot is a SCAM!! Undeniable Warning Review!!

Algo Trading Robot Scam Review!

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Don’t fall for the Algo Trading Robot SCAM trap!! It might be a convincing and overwhelming presentation by an unknown person, however, it is nothing but empty promises combined together with lies and false claims! This actor has been claiming that you will become a wealthy person who generates trucks load of cash on a daily basis by using the Oracle Auto Trading Robot by Mr. Stanley Nash, the person who allegedly created a most powerful algorithm back in the 60th of the last century. So, before you take any further action and losing your hard earned money into this fraud, be rest assured to read our fully transparent warning review, in order to trade safe, and to refrain from engaging with an unreliable system on the financial market.

Algo Trading Robot photoThis unknown actor / presenter has been revealing the story behind the Algo Trading Robot A.K.A Oracle Auto Trading Robot by Mr. Stanley Nash. He said that the software is actually a fully automated bot that has been coded and programmed to predict the market’s movements before they even happened, based on a sophisticated algorithm that was created by Mr. Stanley Nash, a professor of applied mathematics at Oxford University. Moreover, he mentioned that the professor has managed to develop the robot to produce an unprecedented win ratio of at least 88.7% on a daily basis due to a qualified quantitative analysis and worth of data to asses statistical probabilities for the direction of stocks, commodities, currencies and financial indices allowing the autotrader to beat the market. Additionally, we have also been told that during the last 4 years, since its official release on the financial marketplace, the auto trader has lost only one single trade, and that with a minimum initial investment as little as $250, the robot is able to produce at least $2600 in pure profits per day.

Sounds good ah? Think again…

The Algo Trading Robot is promoted on the website by an unknown person which is obviously a paid actor who will gladly say whatever you want him to say in return for a good payment by you. Nonetheless, he mentioned that this automated software has officially been released in the industry 4 years ago and that since then the robot has lost only one single trade. This claim is nothing but a pure lie for two reasons:

  1. By, a well-known domain-age checking tool, the site was initially registered on 2016-10-19, means 5 days ago!! So, this detail is vividly providing us with a 100% proof that this is a rough lie and a wrong statement!
  2. Other than that, as a practiced trader, and even as a total newbie, you cannot say that your robot / software has never lost a single trade, or that it has lost only one trade during the last 4 years, and at the same time to mention that the Algo Trading Robot is an outstanding bot that produces 88.7% win rate. WHY?? Well, the reason is quite simple, when you trade with 88.7% accuracy, it means that you will win almost 89 trades out of 100 trades in total, which also means that you will lose 11 trades, right? It’s a simple math…

Algo Trading Robot photoOkay, so after we understood that it is just impossible to trade binary options without losing trades here and there as a part of the game, we will move forward to another bothering issue that we have been told during this presentation. Our fella, Mr. Actor has been claiming that using the Algo Trading Robot will benefit your trading account with at least $2600 per day, every day for the rest of your life, and that all this pleasure is attainable start from an initial investment as little as $250. This is a lie by definition! Why you ask? The simplest answer is that we will redirect you to our latest results review, there you will be able to read REAL and honest results and performance by active traders using a legitimate and registered automated tool.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Algo Trading Robot as also known as Oracle Auto Trading Robot by Mr. Stanley Nash is a complete money making scheme that has been created by full time job scammers who are working to commit a fraud on innocent people’s back as quickly as they can! You are not going to earn $2600 per day using an automated tool, not even with the most powerful robot in the industry. Other than that, as mentioned, trading binary options could be much profitable, however, saying that you are not going to lose a trade or that the auto trader has never lost a single trade for the last 4 years is a manipulative statement that has nothing to do with reality, literally! We therefore encourage you all to stay as far away as you can from this unreliable system without creditability or legitimacy to operate on the market, and make sure to trade safe with a trusted and tested company instead of this junk!

Gorilla’s verdict: Algo Trading Robot is a SCAM!!

FYI – More scams to be aware of are: Cloud Track Trader, Orion Code and 1000 Dollar Secret

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