6 Figure Method is a Vicious SCAM!! Don’t Fall For This Trap!!

6 Figure Method Scam Review!

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Don’t fall for Ray Fisher’s scam!! The 6 Figure Method software is a complete fraudulent system, created and developed by an anonymous group of scammers who have decided to commit a fraud on your back. This manipulative website is unfortunately promoted by many email marketers with a vicious aim of earning fat commissions while your account is being drained. Therefore, before you take any further action and fund your trading account, be sure to read our full warning scam review and trade safe! Likewise, we are not planning to leave you empty handed, and will do our best in order to provide you with the most accurate information about our top rated trading system in the industry.

6 Figure Method photoThe story behind the 6 Figure Method program is about Ray Fisher, the alleged owner who claimed that you will be earning at least $23k a month and $276K a year using his unique and profitable auto trading robot. Moreover, we have also been told that this auto trader makes a profitable prediction that goes against the masses and wins time after time. Basically, and in order to keep it short, Ray has been claiming that the 6 Figure Method software is actually based on a risk-free system that has never lost a trade and will never lose one as well. Nonetheless, we were told that he is giving away these days 300 free spots with no cost and string attached, for random people from all around the world, just because that he likes to help others.

6 Figure Method photoNeedless to mention that “Ray Fisher” is nothing but a bogus identity, created with an aim to make fools of us, and has nothing to do with the binary options trading niche! Not to mention that those “real” testimonials by some of his active members who are claiming that they are generating 6 figures a month on complete auto pilot mode, are all faked and their photos have been stolen from the search engine as you can clearly see at the picture below. Additionally, not only that we are dealing here with bogus identities that have never placed PUT or CALL orders in their lifetime, during this video presentation, we have been encountered also with “real and live” reviews by some of his traders… The only “tiny” problem is that those people are nothing but Fiverr actors who got paid $5 in exchange for 50 words in order to lie in front of the camera and to manipulate the viewers with false claims.

6 Figure Method photoTake into consideration that joining the 6 Figure Method service will end up you losing quickly your entire deposit! Up until this very moment we have proven to you that these folks are completely faked and not related to any financial market, as well as the service itself. Plus, the creators of this shameful service hired Fiverr actors to advertise and to endorse their unreal auto trading software. Other than that, the voice narrator “Ray Fisher” has been claiming during this demonstration video that the 6 Figure Method software is a state of the art and a risk-free trading program that has never lost a single trade. So, before you are falling for this mean honey trap, make sure to realize that there is no such thing as automated robot that is not losing trades in the financial industry, and the reason is pretty simple as you can read in the next paragraph.

6 Figure Method photoIf you live in this planet, you have probably heard that the president-elect of the United States of America is no other than Donald Trump right? So, if you have been trading the days before the election when each poll revealed other details and predictions, you could have seen that the markets were extremely volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, in this case, we would recommend that in this kind of days you won’t trade, otherwise you will most likely lose your investment. To sum it up, there is no such thing as “no loss robot” or “risk free system”, and websites / people who say otherwise, be rest assured that you have been lied.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

As you can guess, we are not big fans of the 6 Figure Method by Ray Fisher! This auto – trading product is not a genuine system and obviously an unreal robot that will end up draining your trading account as quickly as you deposit your hard earned savings. We therefore are definitely not planning to support this Fiverr production, which has been created by scammers in order to commit a fraud on traders’ back. Therefore, we have no other plan but to flag the 6 Figure Method as a total fraud and a money making scheme which unfortunately will harm your financial situation!

Gorilla’s verdict: The 6 Figure Method is a SCAM!!

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6 Figure Method photoVisit our top recommended signal services page instead!

As promised at the beginning, we won’t leave you empty handed! Our top rated auto trader these days is obviously the CodeFibo App, a stunning robot, created and programmed to predict winning trades in the financial market with up to 87% ITM performance. Moreover, this auto trader has already proven as a successful software by many other traders from all over the world, and with outstanding results on a regular basis. Furthermore, there are many other tried and tested services that were created to ease your trading life, therefore, If you are willing to read more honest reviews about variety of other successful systems in the industry, you are more than welcome to visit our best signals services list, and be rest assured to trade safe!

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