24AlgoTrader Bot is a SCAM Software!! tradersbot.com Exposed!

24AlgoTrader Scam Review!

24AlgoTrader login page: www.tradersbot.com

The 24AlgoTrader software is a new automated bot in the binary options marketplace which has been landed in the industry a few days ago. We are receiving many complaints from BO traders and online investors who have tried their luck with the software and lost their entire deposit within hours. We therefore encourage everyone who seeks for reliable and informative review about the 24AlgoTrader software to read our full warning scam review before you take any further action and say nicely goodbye to your hard earned money! Other than that, in this fully transparent review, we will be exposing the whole of the faked details and the misleading information that we have been told during both of the presentations on page 1 and page 2 (the registration page).

24AlgoTrader photoThe most deplorable thing is that we have no idea who stands behind the 24AlgoTrader robot! Seriously, if you think about it for a moment, will you agree to invest your hard earned savings into an unknown system which you clearly don’t know who the owner is? The answer is simple and we have no doubt that you answered HELL NO! However, there are already some victims for the last few days who have fallen for this trap and made a full deposit into this shady program. We therefore are not planning to give it our hand, and will definitely provide you with our detailed information as for why you SHOULD stay as far away as you can from the 24AlgoTrader software and as quickly as you can.

So, not only that we don’t know who is the guy / group / company that stands behind the software, we definitely have no idea how does the 24AlgoTrader bot work, and on which parameters and principals its algorithm has been programmed and built. These points are highly important, and if you are seeking for a legitimate and reliable automated system, you have to take those details into consideration before you take any further action and pick a software that will trade on your behalf. Otherwise, you will be getting a piece of software that you haven’t checked and made your own research, means that you clearly risk your money, which is not the right way to trade binary options.

24AlgoTrader photoThe voice narrator in this video presentation was claiming that the 24AlgoTrader software is the most successful binary options machine, and that the 24AlgoTrader is programmed to execute winning trades only, means that you have nothing to worry about, because you are not going to lose a single trade. Of course that the whole thing is a pure lie and incorrect! Why you ask? Well, the answer is pretty much simple, and as you already know, we are trading binary options, however, it does not really matter if you trade BO or Forex or anything else. Whenever you execute a trade, there will be always a risk level that you might lose your trade and that your prediction was wrong. Or in other words, there is no such thing as 100% winning ratio, or “no loss software”.

24AlgoTrader photoOther than that, when you visit the www.tradersbot.com website, and scroll down, you will be able to see the “Real Testimonials” section, where you should be encountered with real and active 24AlgoTrader bot’s members. However, as you can see at the above picture, those “traders” are definitely not traders, actually, these are nothing but stolen stock pictures of people who have nothing to do with the binary options market. Likewise, in addition, when you keep scrolling down, you will also be able to see the transactions leaderboard, there you suppose to see the previous trades, whether they ended winning trades or otherwise. However, if you look at the “Date” column, you will immediately notice that they are claiming to have 2 winning trades on 9/25/16 and 9/24/16, means Saturday and Sunday which is the last weekend. So how come that their “outstanding” 24AlgoTrader software has executed trades while the markets were closed???

24AlgoTrader photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The 24AlgoTrader software is a piece of junk system that has been created in order to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye! As mentioned, we don’t know who stands behind this program and how does it work, which makes us question everything about this software. Not only that though, during this review we exposed that they are using fake testimonials based on stolen photos, and created a bogus transactions list with unreal trades that were never executed in the market! We therefore have no other choice but to flag the 24AlgoTrader bot as a dangerous automated system!

Gorilla’s verdict: The 24AlgoTrader software is a SCAM!!

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