Is 18 Minutes Software A Scam System? A Trusted Review!

Is 18 Minutes Software A Scam System? A Trusted Review!

Probably you, as a binary options trader have watched a lot of videos promoting a services for binary options traders, some of them are looking trusted and some of them you immediately recognized as a scam. Some of the traders don’t have the right skills to recognize each company if it’s a reliable or just another thief, there for we’re here. Today 10/6/15 a new service for binary options traders have launched, named 18 Minutes Software. Stay with us to find out if 18 Minutes Software is a scam or not.

18 Minutes Software (HERE) has launched today and we cannot afford ourselves to ignore it. 18 Minutes Software is a new service by Robert Carswell who claims to be the owner. At the video Robert Carswell the presenter produce a very nice story about his life, how he became a trader by himself after he was frustrated from his last job. Overall it’s a cheap launch with one goal: to find the most naive traders who really believe these nice stories and deposit their money to a unknown service.

18So, Is 18 Minutes software A Scam System?

Yes! 18 Minutes Software is a scam service by Robert Carswell, of course that he is not a real person. You shouldn’t believe to any word he says. At first, when the video just started he claims that we can make within the next 18 minutes, I claim that this is just another slogan.

18cLet’s start with 18 Minutes Software website skimming, first of all, you can notice the “The clock is ticking” counter, you can guess by yourself that it has just one reason, to force traders to sign-up immediately and by that they could say “Bye-Bye” to their money. Another thing, if you’ll look at the head of the page you can see a kind of promise to ”make $2500 in 18 minutes”, this is obviously cannot be a real.

At the 18 Minutes Software video there is two paid actors from Fiverr that did the testimonials to this service, the firs one is a lady and the second one is a man. Probably the production team (if exist one) tried to add more testimonials because the testimonial by the man was repeat itself 3 times time after time, so this is not looking serious at all.

We watched the 18 Minutes Software video till the last minute but if to tell you the truth, I’m totally don’t know what this guy want from us! Its look like he came to tells us his story and sign-up to an unknown service with no any explanation and that it. Robert Carswell who claims to be the owner, did not open even one time all over the video the 18 Minutes Software and told us how it works, actually till now I don’t know what it is and how it works!

18bDo you as a binary options trader would agree to deposit your money to a new system without knowing how it works? Who works behind it? There are beta testers to it? Who is the broker that supply the platform? If there is a support team? Well guys I’m sure your answer is defiantly not! Till now, there is no any proof to beta testers who checked it software and showing us any results, we don’t know how it works, we don’t know what is it , and the most important, we don’t know who is the broker they connected with.

Our conclusion:

There are too much opened question marks without no answer and real proof about this system! As a binary options trader you should not engage with system or company like 18 Minutes Software unless you don’t care about your money and you want to lose it. In the binary options industry we have much better and improved systems that have been checked by beta testers and tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands binary options traders, I can give you just a few for example to improve:

1. If you like to trade commodities or gold the best for you is Gold Digger App
2. If you like system to work for you can check the most famous Mike’s AutoTrader
3. If you’re new to binary options trading and you want to learn from the best you bet to try the XE Trader and start to make a legit money.

Thank you for reading our scam review, this time on 18 Minutes Software, stay away from services like this! If you’re new to binary options you must trade with an EU regulated broker like AnyOption and start to make legit money today! Have a question? Have a problem with your current broker? Contact us immediately or leave a reply below and we would love to assist you ASAP! And don’t forget to subscribe our blog!

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