1000 Dollar Secret is a SCAM!! BEWARE of a Dangerous FRAUD!!

1000 Dollar Secret Scam Review!

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Watch out!! The 1000 Dollar Secret software is a highly dangerous and manipulative offer in the binary options market, which has officially been released yesterday night, and being promoted mostly by email marketing and social media ads. Before you take any further action, it’s extremely important that you read our full warning scam review in order to stay on the safe side without losing your hard earned money in the blink of an eye. We have all the required information needed to expose this fraud, and unfortunately, it comes too late from traders who already lost their entire investment as quickly as they deposited and funded their so-called trading account. So, if you have already received an invitation message to your inbox, make sure to read our fully transparent review, and trade safe!

1000 Dollar Secret photoBefore anything else, we want first to prepare the ground for our scam review, so we will start first with revealing the whole of the information we managed to recruit from this presentation video based on the voice narrator. So, if you already watched this demonstration video, you have probably noticed that the voice narrator was claiming that traders who using the 1000 Dollar Secret app are making tons of money on a daily basis, an enormous amount of money which could even reach more than $250k per month. He also mentioned that the software is actually a fully automated robot that executes trades on your behalf and you practically don’t need to do anything but to see the money rolling into your bank account.

1000 Dollar Secret photoIt is hilarious to see how those websites are created time after time without even a little of common sense. The voice narrator which has never shared with us his name or the company he works for, has been claiming that the 1000 Dollar Secret software is a fully automated service that operates in the binary options industry that will double and even triple your money within hours. However, a few moments later, he said that all you have to do is to choose on which asset to trade after the auto trader suggests you a list of “winning” trades… We are sorry, but by definition, an automated robot, needs to work automatically, just like the CodeFibo App and the SnapCash Binary, otherwise it is not an automated software, but something else. Therefore, it was a complete lie that was literally meant to manipulate beginner traders with false statements.

1000 Dollar Secret photoOther than that, becoming a millionaire, earning thousands of dollars per day, and using an automated robot that allegedly doubles and triples your money, is NOT going to happen soon! And definitely not in the binary options industry. A good example that hopefully will put an end to these bogus claims could easily be our latest results and performance review which reveals proven and tested traders’ results using a trusted automated service which could predict REAL winning trades! Moreover, there is no such thing as becoming a millionaire within a few months of using a financial tool, especially not with a shady software that is presented and promoted by a nonexistent voice narrator, without even a name.

1000 Dollar Secret photoAdditionally, if you watched the 1000 Dollar Secret presentation till the very end, you have probably seen those actors who have been claiming that they are making trucks loads of money on a daily basis without even lifting their finger… So, before you decide whether to believe these folks or not, make sure to understand that we are dealing here (again…) with Fiverr actors who are getting paid $5 per 50 words and will say whatever you want them to say in exchange. Furthermore, if you scroll down and look at their “testimonials” section, we reckon that you won’t be that surprised to know that the creators of the www.1000dollarsecret.com website are using stolen pictures from the search engine, and phony identities of people who have nothing to do with binary options trading at all.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Okay, it will be easy though, much more than we were thinking at the beginning. So, what we had so far? Becoming a millionaire, earning thousands of dollars per day, more than $256k per month, Fiverr actors, stolen pictures and fake identities… Still want to register and to put your hard earned savings in a danger? Well, we have no shadow of a doubt that your answer is most likely “hell No!!!” And seriously, you are right! Unfortunately, in the binary options industry there are many unreliable services, created and developed with an aim to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye! Therefore, be sure to trade safely, read honest and trusted reviews based on facts and most importantly, ask question!! We have no other choice but to add this shameful offer to our blacklist page as soon as possible and to conclude that the 1000 Dollar Secret is a complete fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: The 1000 Dollar Secret is a SCAM!!!

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1000 Dollar Secret photoVisit our TOP recommended signals services instead!

Frustrated from all scams around? We know!! We too, trust us it is not that nice to her about people who lost their paycheck due to misunderstanding, a lake of knowledge, or just regular people who were too lazy to seek for reliable and revealing review. Therefore, make sure that you are not the next in the queue, or the one who joins the statistics! Likewise, if you are looking for a tried and tested service and company to trade with, you are more than welcome to visit our top rated signals services list, read some of our latest reviews and make your own decision. Nonetheless, our number 1 auto trader these days, is actually two services which perform more than great, the CodeFibo App by Professor Lewis that based on the well-known Fibonacci indicator, and SnapCash Binary by Austin Ford that predicts winning trades with up to 90% accuracy.

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