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August 17, 2015 by Gorilla

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Thank you for visiting our binary options blog! Our main goal is to provide our blog readers with the most reliable and honest reviews concerning the binary options industry’s services: brokers, signals services, auto traders, etc. In addition, we will be exposing all of the scam services that aim to steal your money with a sophisticated “get rich quick” video presentation or even with fake testimonials based on $5 paid actors and all these in order to drain your account as soon as you deposit. You are most welcome to visit our blacklist page in order to be up-to-date with the latest scam services in our industry. Also on the other hand, we will provide you with a list of our trusted brokers which have successfully passed our severely hard tests, you can read more about it in our What is the BEST Broker to trade with? review, dealing with how to choose a broker. Furthermore, we will review a list of the most reliable signals services in the binary options industry, services with great costumer support, high performance and outstanding testimonials all over the internet.

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Don’t settle for less than the best services you can get in return for your investment. So, in order to insure that you will get the best a binary options trader can get, subscribe to our blog and join our Facebook group, Google+ and YouTube channel ensuring you are in safe hands and among well-established traders who are connected to the industry’s news. We have extensive experience with binary options trading, therefore we definitely support any attempt of learning how to trade with your own knowledge and skills in order to become a professional trader. We will help you to accomplish this important goal and will give you a life time access to Mike’s signals group on Facebook, a group with more than 8000 binary options traders, experts and newbies from all over the world, trading and learning together from each other with great admins and top traders.

**Gorilla’s CodeFibo App Review – Top Rated AutoTrader!**

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Nadex.com is the most reliable trading solution for the USA residents! Read our Nadex Broker Review and make sure to know the most relevant details before you take any further action. This broker is a US based, Fully CFTC Regulated with a great trading platform and customer support! Moreover, Nadex is a low deposit broker as well with a minimum deposit of as little as $100 only! Therefore, you can open a trading account without braking the bank and still enjoy the benefits of trading with a Fully Regulated & US based local broker!

Photo of Nadex Binary brokerKeep our advice and stay on the safe side of the industry, trade with a reputable broker, use a trusted signals service, subscribe to our blog posts, join our Facebook groupGoogle+ and YouTube channel and stay safe! Take into consideration that the binary options industry is big and full of services, some reliable and some less and we have so many services that come out every day and it is almost impossible for us to recognize all of them, therefore, we need your help by pointing out those ones you think that might be a fraud. Please feel free to contact us through our Facebook group or via email at gobinaryoptions@gmail.com. In addition, Write comments & share our blog posts to put the fraudulent companies/services out of the binary options business! Now, all there is left to say is, we wish you a lot of success in your online trading and a lot of ITM’s. Cheers!

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